Managed eAdoption Program

Lower costs, boost customer loyalty

In a recent Billtrust client survey, our clients told us that electronic billing improves customer service.  The greatest challenge for most companies is how to convert their customers from paper to electronic invoicing or payments.  Many companies will educate you, we engage with you.  Billtrust clients can utilize our eAdoption Connect Program.  Billtrust makes it easy for you to drive your customers from print to receiving electronic invoices or making electronic payments.  First, you are assigned an eAdoption specialist who will help you set realistic goals, next create a customized program, and finally send you monthly reports on how we are doing.  We can either execute the program for you, engage with your Marketing team on your behalf, or we can give you access to a portal designed to house all of our best practices, downloadable templates with instructions, and success stories of other Billtrust clients.

Here are just some of the ways we promote eAdoption:

  • Train your customer service and credit teams to promote eAdoption
  • Call your top 100 paper customers or give you a script to do it
  • Execute email campaigns to promote ePresentment or ePayments
  • Inserts and on bill messaging on the invoice
  • Craft messaging for your web site, newsletter, email signature, on hold messages and building signage
  • Utilize social media

We make promoting electronic billing simple.  We also make it effective.  On average, clients who utilize eAdoption Connect enjoy a 56% eAdoption rate.

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