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Who is Billtrust and who is Factor Systems?

Factor Systems, Inc. is the legal name of our company. Billtrust is the name we do business under. Our corporate headquarters are in Hamilton, NJ.

I can print bills from my software, but I don't like the way they look. Can Billtrust help?

Yes. Billtrust can create a completely custom bill design to meet your specifications, including special messages, your organization’s seals or logos, and charts and graphs (depending on data availability).

How does Billtrust select bill samples for me to review?

Through our CustomerCare portal you have the ability to view your bills prior to our processing.  You can enter the portal, pull bills you do not want sent and then approve the processing run prior to Billtrust sending.

Can Billtrust work with our ERP system?

CompleteBilling can work with virtually any ERP system. We have a variety of solutions that integrate with Windows, Web-based, Mid-range, Mainframe and Unix accounting and billing systems.

If I am a current client and have questions regarding my service or account, who should I contact?

Our customer service staff is always willing to answer any and all questions. Your customer service representative can be reached by calling 609-235-1010 or toll free at 1-888-580-2455.  You may email questions to customerservice@billtrust.com

How are my bills sent from Billtrust to my customers?

With CompleteBilling your bills will be sent by US mail, fax, email, or web, depending on the preference of your customer. Billtrust offers an e-Adoption Program to help migrate your customers to electronic delivery solutions (email, fax, or web) as these offer you the greatest opportunity for increased savings and customer loyalty.

How can I get access to copies of my bills if Billtrust is sending them out?

Invoice and statement images are captured, stored and archived. With CustomerCare you can search bills by customer name or number. We will provide archived documents for as long a time period as you request.

How do I get my customers to adopt to electronic bill delivery?

Billtrust offers an e-Adoption Program to help you convert your customers to electronic delivery solutions like email, fax or web. The program applies best practices developed from working with over two hundred customers. Many of our customers have achieved electronic bill delivery adoption levels of over 40%.

How do I get started?

We have developed a five step process for getting started with Billtrust. We would be happy to perform a quick ROI analysis for you today!

How do I save money?

Whether you are handling billing in-house or outsourcing to a legacy print and mail house, Billtrust provides advanced technology and processes that result in significant cost savings. With our expertise, businesses across North America have achieved efficiency across the three C’s: Cost Savings, Cash Flow, and Customer Satisfaction.

How does archiving of my bills work?

Billtrust will store an image of your bill for a period of time that you specify for easy retrieval. Most of our customers opt to store their bills for a two year period.

How does Billtrust work?

Businesses enter their billing information into their ERP system as usual. Instead of printing the information the billing files are sent to us electronically via a secure FTP site. We do the rest: From determining which bills get sent by mail, email or fax to applying our state of the art technology so you can optimize savings.

How does CompleteBilling work?

You continue to enter your billing information into your ERP system as you normally do. Instead of printing out bills and dealing with all the hassles and costs of folding, stuffing, sealing, and mailing; your bills are sent to us electronically and we deliver your bills to your customers via U.S. mail, fax, email, or web, depending on their preference.

How does my company send our bills to Billtrust for processing?

We offer a secure FTP site that allows you to upload your billing files which are then sent to Billtrust for processing. We guarantee that any bills received by midnight Monday through Thursday and 9PM on Friday will go out the next day. Our SmartRouting™ technology will identify how the bill is to be delivered (U.S. mail, fax, email, or web) and which of our regional facilities will send the bills going by U.S. Mail.

How does pricing typically work for bills sent by mail?

For bills sent by mail you pay based on the number of pages per envelope. The more pages in an envelope the more you save on material and postage. Our advanced technology allows you to set rules that will maximize the number of pages you can include in an envelope without unnecessarily delaying the sending of your bills.

Further, our e-Adoption team will work with you to move your customers from U.S. mail to email, fax or web delivery.

How much does it cost?

CompleteBilling pricing depends on a number of variables including the volume of bills you send, the type of paper and envelope stock you are using, the number of pages per bill, whether you are including marketing inserts and the percent of your bills that can be sent out electronically. To get a detailed price quote specific to your needs, please contact us by phone at (888) 580-BILL or via email at sales@billtrust.com.

How often are invoices and statements mailed out?

Your bills will be sent out within one business day, guaranteed!

How will I know that my bills were sent out?

At the end of each business day, a confirmation email is sent to you detailing the billing activity that took place on your behalf. You will also receive notification confirming receipt of billing files you send to us. Finally, through our CustomerCare portal you can easily track all your billing related activity.

Is my data safe?

With CompleteBilling, your data is very safe. Billtrust is PCI Level 1 Compliant and SSAE16 Audited.

Do you support level 3 payment processing?


What if I have certain bills that I don't want printed?

You can set rules to exclude individual and groups of bills from print production. Groups of bills that fit a “Total Due” criteria, such as recipients who owe a zero balance or have a credit balance, can be withheld from the print production of your statements. We can pull specific bills from print production when given a defining criteria like a recipient’s name or address.  Further, prior to Billtrust sending bills you can view the bills and pull bills you do not want sent.

For property tax billing purposes, do you work with financial institutions and mortgage companies so we don't have to?

As a standard part of our property tax billing service, we provide data files, validated samples, and a bill reprint program to the largest mortgage companies in the country, including: CoreLogic, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Sterling National, LPS and Lereta.

Do my customers need to register to pay a bill online?

Customers will need to register to view and pay their bills online.  By registering, customers can store their payment information for faster future payments.  However, registration is not required for one time payments.

I'd like to outsource my billing needs to Billtrust, but I'm not very tech-savvy. Will i need to know a lot of technical information in order to work with you?

No. Your designated Project Manager will guide you through every step of the process.

To whom do my customers send their payments?

For paper bills, your customers will continue to remit payment for your invoices and statements directly to you or your lockbox provider. Payments made through our online portal will be deposited to your bank.

Do upgrades to my CIS or conversions to new accounting software affect my upcoming bill runs?

When you upgrade or convert your software, Billtrust will need to facilitate modifications to your bill design. When there is an imminent change to your software, we like a minimum of 14 days advanced notice to work with you on making these modifications.

What is Online Billing?

Also referred to as “eBilling” and “EBPP” (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment), online billing is the paperless billing service we provide in concert with our outsourced paper billing solution. We offer the opportunity for your bills to be delivered by e-mail, fax or a hosted web site. We capture an image that is the exact replica of your paper bill and make them available for your customers to review and pay. For our hosted online solution, there is nothing you need to install or maintain, and your customers will not know we are hosting the site since it is designed to have the look and feel of your company. We offer both a credit card and an ACH payment option for your customers to choose from. Payment goes to your financial institution of choice. We will work closely with you to roll out an adoption plan. Online Billing is the most cost effective and efficient means to perform your billing.

What is the CompleteBilling™ solution?

CompleteBilling is a suite of bill delivery and payment solutions that automates the entire billing process for businesses. CompleteBilling is designed to work with your accounting package to extend its functionality. Billtrust offers a B-to-B Billing Solution and a B-to-C Billing Solution.

What kind of guarantees do I have in savings and service?

Billtrust is so confident in the value we offer to our customers that we have made it easy for you to cancel the service at any time. With that said, we are proud to boast a 99% customer retention.
We guarantee the accuracy of every envelope driven by our advanced bar-coding and scanner process. Further, we guarantee that any bills in by 9PM will go out the next business day.

Who is Billtrust?

Billtrust offers a full suite of bill delivery and payment services via paper and electronic delivery channels (U.S. mail, email, fax and web) that will businesses speed cash flow, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Why should my company use CompleteBilling?

Managing your own billing or using a legacy print and mail vendor is time consuming and expensive. And any errors in the process result in even more time and money lost. Combining efficiency, technology and smart thinking — our CompleteBilling™ service saves money, reduces headaches and delivers the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

Will my customers see anything different?

No, that is one of the major benefits of CompleteBilling. Your customers may not even be aware that you are using a third party to deliver your bills.