Payment Cycle Management Products

Billtrust offers a suite of invoice delivery, payment and cash application services that deliver dramatic operational efficiencies. Our goal is to help our clients Deliver accurate invoices in the format the customers want, Enable buyers to pay the way they want, and Apply payments quickly and correctly from multiple sources. Below is a summary of the key products within our services suite:




eInvoice Connect - Secure, Hosted EIPP Portal

Secure, hosted EIPP (Biller Direct) portal. One-to-one usage between seller and buyer.

eBill Connect - Customized EBPP Platform

Billtrust’s EBPP platform is branded to each organization and has 100+ customizable features that billers can offer their customers.

eMail Connect - Payment Integration in PDF eMail Format

Email delivery in PDF format with payment integration.

Print Connect - Deliver Quick, Profesional Printing

Quick, professional printing and delivery.

Invoice Central - Automated Invoice Reception and Payment

Secure web service where bill recipients can receive and pay invoices from hundreds of vendors.

Client Connect - Rebilling Customer Service System

Web-based customer service system for research and rebilling.

eAdoption Connect - Electronic Billing Integration and Delivery

A proven program for migrating your customers to an electronic billing delivery and payment channel.

Cash App Connect - Automate Manual and Expensive Cash Application Processes Easily

Automate your manual, time-consuming and expensive cash application processes with the the most intelligent technology in the industry.

Remote Deposit Connect - Automate Payment Captures from Any Location

Automates the process of capturing payments from remote locations for fast and efficient cash recognition and deposit.

ePayment Connect - Automate Cash Application from Decoupled Electronic Payments

Automates the process of applying cash from decoupled electronic payments.

API Connect - Integrated Billing Data with Collection Software

Provides billers with a streamlined approach to integrate their billing data directly with their collection software or other 3rd party software.

Fax Connect - Automated Paper Replica from a Fax PDF

Automated fax delivery of exact replica of paper.

Mobile Connect - Access Bills Through Mobile Technology

Mobile account access offers customers the convenience of viewing and paying their bills from any smartphone or tablet.

AP Connect - Automated Integration and Speed Payment Process

Provides automated integration into leading AP Systems (e.g. OB10, Ariba).

eBank Connect - Convert Online Bank Payments to Electronic Funds

Enables consumers to view and pay their bill from the convenience of their bank website. Billtrust converts online bank payments to electronic funds for simplified posting.

Quickpay Connect - Enable Simplified Online Payments for Your Customers

Quickpay Connect allows your customers who want to make a quick payment online without enrolling in the full EBPP online billing system (eBill Connect).

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Connect - Automated Phone Service Payments

This automated phone service enables customers to make payments by phone 24/7/365.


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