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Payment Cycle Management: A New Frontier

There is a new frontier in the Accounts Receivable (AR) industry. Businesses are leaving behind a hodgepodge of paper and electronic invoice-to-cash systems that require manual intervention and heavy resources. Read this white paper to learn more.

5 Features of Utility eBilling

Discover the 5 Features of Utility eBilling that drive paperless adoption.

The Cash Application Fix

Is your current cash application process truly automated? Find out what you’re missing with Billtrust business perspective and see how fully automated cash application processes result in tangible, quantifiable benefits.

Invoice-to-Cash Best Practices Study

How does your company stack up? See survey results, insights, and preferences from invoice-to-cash executives who have faced many of the same challenges you are.

The Silver Bullet for Lowering DSO

The financial impact of lowering DSO is easily quantifiable and can save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. But is there really a “silver bullet”? This document helps businesses understand the impact the invoice-to-cash process can have on DSO and how to calculate the potential savings.

The Strategic Value of Invoice-to-Cash Best Practices

As part of a 21st-century invoice-to-cash strategy, companies should look beyond the operational aspects and explore the specialized knowledge, experience and technology required to offer a world-class invoice-to-cash system that gives them a strategic advantage.

DSO and the Invoice-to-Cash Process

CFOs refer to cash as the “oxygen” of their business. Here are 3 ways to improve DSO with the invoice-to-cash process.

(Paystream Advisors) Supplier-Initiated EIPP: Impacting the Entire Invoicing and Payment Lifecycle

Accounts Receivable organizations are increasingly faced with doing more with less while keeping up with the newest technology. This white paper outlines the current state of invoicing and payments, supplier challenges to implementing EIPP, and factors driving interest in EIPP.

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