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Billtrust B2B Sales Index™ Shows Anemic Growth For Recent Three Months

Billtrust, the leading outsourced billing services provider, today announced its second release of the Billtrust B2B Sales Index™. The monthly Index is an indicator of current and trending U.S. economic conditions, based on a reliable sampling of business-to-business invoice activity.  The Index rebounded 3.1% in August after an historically pessimistic June-July result.

Over the three-month period ending 8/31/2013, the Index’s average value was 100.3 – nearly flat when compared to May’s level of 100.0.  As a result of the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ revision of nominal GDP for 2013Q2, the Billtrust B2B Sales Index™ has led the GDP with a correlation of 0.77 (revised from 0.79). These results contribute to the notion that the economy may be slowing ahead.

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