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Firm Shows Commitment to Green Billing with Expanded E-Adoption Department

Jamesburg, New Jersey, April 19, 2011 – In honor of Earth Day, Billtrust, the leading outsourced billing provider, is calling on billing industry professionals to sign an online pledge to reduce paper usage and increase the number of bills they send electronically. The pledge is the latest effort by Billtrust to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of electronic billing while increasing broader adoption of green billing practices. The pledge can be found at

Billtrust is one of the only companies in the industry with a dedicated e-Adoption Department and to further demonstrate its commitment to electronic billing recently expanded its e-Adoption team. “Enough paper bills are sent out every year to wrap around the earth 125 times. That’s an eyeopening thought on Earth day,” said Billtrust CEO Flint Lane. “Ultimately, while we hope that all bills are sent electronically, right now we know that isn’t possible. If we just take it one bill at a time, we can all do our part to save the earth. We hope this pledge is a reminder and a conversation starter to help in the effort.” Billitrust’s e-Adoption Department is tasked with growing the company’s green initiatives and leads its e-Adoption Program. The e-Adoption Program has already helped many of Billtrust’s customers deliver well over half of their bills electronically. In addition to becoming more ecofriendly, e-billing can lead to significant cost savings from decreased material purchases and speeds the receiving of payments. E-billing also helps businesses provide their customers with a fast, easy and convenient way to pay their bills online. “It’s easy to ask our partners to switch to e-billing and save the environment, but we wanted to show that we are just as committed to this pledge,” said Mitchell Rose, Vice President, Marketing. “We’ve had our e-Adoption Program in place for quite some time but we are dedicated to growing it even more and continuing to expand our team.”

Billtrust encourages partners, competitors or anyone associated with the billing function to pass on the pledge and raise awareness of the importance of green billing practices. Eighteen billion paper bills are sent out by businesses every year. It takes 8.5 million trees to produce that much paper. If every company increased their electronic billing by 10 percent each year they could save 850,000 trees per year.

About Billtrust

Headquartered in Hamilton New Jersey, Billtrust is the premier provider of automated invoice-to-cash solutions. Billtrust integrates three key areas of the invoice-to-cash process: presentment, payment, and cash application, helping its clients connect with their customers and cash while strengthening their revenue and cash flow. Working with more than 1,200 North American businesses across B2B and B2C markets, Billtrust’s comprehensive offerings help its clients solidify customer relationships, increase productivity, improve cash flow, and seamlessly migrate to electronic channels.

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