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Billtrust Debuts Level 3 Processing to Lower Credit Card Costs for Its Customers

Capability Makes Discounted Processing Fees Possible For Bills Sent to Many Government Agencies and Businesses

HAMILTON, NJ – June 27th, 2012 – Billtrust, the premier provider of outsourced billing services, today announced it has significantly enhanced its CompleteBilling service with the integration of Level 3 credit card processing, a credit card industry standard.

By automatically providing Level 3 data for qualifying transactions, Billtrust will help its customers lower their credit card processing costs while making payments faster, easier and more efficient for all concerned. Level 3 is an advanced credit card processing standard that allows vendors who deal with businesses and/or government agencies to lower their processing costs by providing certain additional information during the payment transaction.

By adding Level 3 data such as customer codes, purchase order numbers and product descriptions, fee discounts are available to businesses depending on their Merchant Service Provider (MSP) and the government credit card or corporate card used for the transaction. Billtrust’s new Level 3 capability is available through its Invoice Gateway online invoicing service as well as its CustomerCare customer service portal. “Billtrust’s development and product management teams continually look for ways to improve our service to our customers and their accounts.

While largely a behind-the-scenes capability, Level 3 processing will have a measurable positive impact on processing costs for many of our clients,” said Bob Hinkle, Billtrust VP of Product Strategy. “Level 3 processing is one of many new billing capabilities and features we plan to launch in the near future.” “We place a high priority on implementing tools and techniques that drive efficiency throughout our Accounts Receivable process.

Billtrust’s online portal has added value to both our organization and our customers. With the addition of Level 3 processing we can now take advantage of even greater savings,” stated Norma Fetherman, Chief Credit Officer, Allied Building Products Corp. To learn more about Billtrust new Level 3 capability, or request information on the service, go to

About Billtrust Headquartered in Hamilton New Jersey, Billtrust is the premier provider of automated invoice-to-cash solutions. Billtrust integrates three key areas of the invoice-to-cash process: presentment, payment, and cash application, helping its clients connect with their customers and cash while strengthening their revenue and cash flow. Working with more than 1,200 North American businesses across B2B and B2C markets, Billtrust’s comprehensive offerings help its clients solidify customer relationships, increase productivity, improve cash flow, and seamlessly migrate to electronic channels. For more information, visit Billtrust at

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