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Eclipse User North Coast Electric Reduces Cost-per-Bill 61% with Billtrust

UFO ECLIPSE — North Coast used to process invoices in-house. But Rick Bumpus, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at North Coast, is always on the lookout for new ways to streamline processes and improve efficiency. He thought the in-house billing operation was a good candidate for a makeover: Invoicing was a time-consuming, paper-intensive process that was costly and frequently sidetracked employees from more strategic tasks.

Bumpus knew there had to be a better way. He began searching for a more efficient alternative to the company’s in-house invoice delivery process. Bumpus wanted to find a way to save time and money, improve customer satisfaction and support the company’s sustainability objectives by moving to a paperless system.

Finding an outsourcing partner with Eclipse experience was also a top priority. After reviewing a number of alternatives, Bumpus chose to go with Billtrust, a leader in the outsourced billing industry that was already being used by other Eclipse distributors…Read More

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