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Join the live Billtrust Twitterview!

What: Join the live Billtrust Twitterview!

Who: Billtrust’s own Data Scientist, Farhad Khalafi

Why: Let us tell you why RPA and supervised machine-learning are the next level of AI. Don’t miss the 1st live Billtrust Twitterview! In this Twitterview you will learn more about machine-learning, robotics process automation and artificial intelligence in the AR space. Use the hashtag #BilltrustRobotics for an interactive experience and learn what’s next in cash application automation. 

When: October 4 at 2:00 pm EDT @Billltrust

Where: #BilltrustRobotics @Billltrust

Media Contacts:

Natalie Hahn
[email protected]

Alicia Clark
[email protected]

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