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With Invoice Central, Penn Waste Converts Customers to Electronic Invoicing, Lowering Costs and Reducing Customer Service Calls

Hamilton, NJ – (March 16, 2016) – Invoice Central, Billtrust’s B2B billing and payments network, has been chosen by Penn Waste, a full-service commercial and residential recycling and waste removal company, as their Payment Cycle Management solution. With Invoice Central, Penn Waste has an all-in-one electronic invoicing and payment solution that consolidates and streamlines their accounts receivable (AR) processes to customers, lowering costs, streamlining cash application, and solidifying strong customer relationships.

In making today’s announcement, Paul Harrison, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Invoice Central at Billtrust, explained, “Penn Waste’s challenges are typical. Prior to working with Invoice Central, customers of companies like Penn Waste paid via paper check, which was making it difficult for a company to reduce DSO. Paper checks also created additional work for a company’s accounts receivable team, since many customers fail to include a remittance advice along with their payment requiring them to follow up with customers to determine which invoices to apply the payment to. Invoice Central addresses the array of needs of each company and the customers they serve to accelerate invoice to cash.”

As Tammy Duke, Billing & Customer Service Supervisor of Penn Waste explains, “We see Invoice Central as a key component of our strategy to help our business customers migrate from paper checks to electronic payment channels. In addition to a vastly improved print solution, Penn Waste is now able to route invoices to Invoice Central, Billtrust’s electronic presentment and payment network.”

Penn Waste chose to work with Billtrust to improve their invoicing and offer their commercial customers electronic invoice delivery and payment options. Leveraging Billtrust’s SmartRouting™ and SmartTrack™ technology, Penn Waste was able to mail invoices to customers at faster, while having the ability to seamlessly track each envelope to ensure delivery. Penn Waste was also receiving requests from their customers, who wanted to view and pay their invoices electronically. Penn Waste recognized a need for a comprehensive presentment and payment solution that could handle both paper and electronic invoice delivery, along with the ability to accept electronic payments.

With the help of Billtrust’s eAdoption program, which communicated the new online offering to Penn Waste’s customers, Penn Waste has enrolled over 20% of their customers on Invoice Central in the first 12 months. Those customers can now easily log into Invoice Central to view and pay all of their invoices quickly and securely online without having to write another check.

Ms. Duke added that the reduction in customer service calls was much appreciated, explaining, “We very seldom get calls from our commercial customers now that we’re on Invoice Central. Knowing that customers can contact Invoice Central support whenever they’re having technical issues was a big deciding factor for us when we decided to work with Billtrust.”

While inbound customers service calls decreased, Invoice Central also helped reduce the number of outbound calls Duke’s team had to make to customers. “Now that we receive full invoice-level payment remittance information when a customer pays us through Invoice Central, we don’t have to track them down to determine what invoices they’re paying,” Ms. Duke concluded.

About Penn Waste

Penn Waste, founded in 2000, is a full-service commercial and residential recycling and waste removal company, servicing six counties in South Central Pennsylvania. The waste collected from customers is used locally to create clean, green energy, thus supporting a better future for their community. Penn Waste recycling facilities process more than 81,000 tons of material each year, helping to preserve the environment and community for future generations.

About Billtrust

Billtrust is the premier provider of Payment Cycle Management solutions, helping businesses accelerate invoice-to-cash. By integrating the three key areas of the payment cycle: invoice presentment, invoice payment, and cash application, Billtrust is committed to delivering a flexible solution to improve buyer satisfaction and DSO. Billtrust’s invoice-to-cash solution processes over $250 billion in receivables for leading companies including Kraft Foods, Under Armour, Estes Express and CDW.

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