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Become a partner

Partnering with Billtrust deepens your relationships with customers, unlocks new revenue opportunities and gives you a competitive edge.

Robust AR solutions

Billtrust solutions will help your customers save resources, scale more easily and accelerate their cash flow.

Complete your ecosystem

Strengthen your integration with customers by offering order-to-cash solutions along with your primary services.

Grow revenue

Maximize your customer relationships and realize revenue though fees and recurring income streams from the sale of Billtrust products.

Pursuing excellence together with our partners

For more than 19 years, we’ve delivered innovation in accounts receivable automation. 

The Billtrust partner program provides our associates with world-class solutions to sell, robust training and marketing support and rich incentives to help our partners grow.  

We seek motivated partners who are looking to expand their solutions to their existing clients and increase their brand awareness within new markets. 

Partner with Billtrust today

Ready to join leading accounts receivable and accounts payable providers who have partnered with Billtrust? Complete the form, and we’ll connect to explore the right partnership opportunities for you.