Fixing AR is a balancing act

About us

Billtrust evens the score through continuous innovation.
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Accounts receivable can't fix itself. It requires a better balance between buyers and sellers — so cash consistently flows and business runs smoothly.

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Accounts receivable needs people with vision, talent, and the technological genius to streamline B2B transactions from both sides. And it needs champions of the accounts receivable (AR) department who know their teams’ time could be better spent beyond the monotony of manual keying and paper processes.

Billtrust began questioning the status quo in 2001, just as a new millennium was taking off. Perfect timing for the merger of inspiration and innovation to propel real change in AR automation.

Today, the company continues its mission to modernize processes for a better balance throughout the order-to-cash cycle. Businesses across more than 40 industries now rely on Billtrust to help drive:

  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Happier customers


customers worldwide


employees in multiple countries


verticals served with in-depth expertise


winner of "Best Places to Work in New Jersey" (Billtrust HQ)

Vision, mission and values

Billtrust’s 20+ years of experience and expertise in the accounts receivable market is powered by our core vision, mission and values. Our teams are united by our values and aim to "B EP1C" in all we do.

Our Vision

Empower finance teams to propel growth, guide and inspire their business.

Our Mission

Develop solutions that dramatically improve financial processes, deliver transformative customer experiences, and provide insights to enable faster, better decisions — all to create raving fans and long-term loyalty.

Our Values


Be the Change

We challenge ourselves and the status quo. We drive positive change individually and as teams as we create our future. We strive to get better and smarter, seeking continuous improvement every day.


Extreme Ownership

Each of us owns every problem, solution and initiative from end to end. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for outcomes, and as we continually strive for excellence, we do career-defining work.


People First

We are our best selves when we achieve a balanced integration with our personal and professional lives. We embrace the uniqueness of individuals so they can show up authentically every single day.


One Billtrust

No silos. One team. One campfire. We are respectful, kind and direct in our communication. We share our knowledge, motivate and support each other. We know that when we collaborate actively, there is nothing we can’t do.


Champion Customers

Without them, there would be no us. We are deeply committed to our customers, listen intently, anticipate their needs, and provide innovative solutions to help them achieve massive success.