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Accelerate Cash Flow

When Cash Flow is Just a Trickle

Having cash flow problems? For most companies, cash stagnates for multiple reasons throughout the invoice-to-cash process, including:

Unsent and delayed invoices

Slow printing and mailing process

Delinquent accounts

Unapplied payments

Manual processes and systems which don’t sync up

Human error in data entry tasks and misplaced files

Not enough team resources to keep up with growth

Accelerate Cash Flow

If your accounts receivable department handles invoicing and payments manually, not only is your team inefficient, you may also be lacking dashboards and reporting systems which would give you a 360-degree view into where your cash is tied up.

Speed Up Your Cash Flow and Grow Your Business

When you have an accelerated cash flow, your business has money to spend on strategic initiatives, including upgrading your technology, investing in better facilities, stocking raw materials and supplies, improving customer support, increasing your marketing budget and attracting talented new hires.

Big or small, your business can’t keep up with the competition without a healthy cash flow. That’s where Billtrust comes in.

Accelerate your Cash Flow with Quantum Payment Cycle Management

Billtrust Quantum is a strategic, end-to-end, cloud-based solution for the invoice-to-cash process that will accelerate your cash flow through automation.

When you bring Quantum solutions to your AR team, they get the ability to manage invoicing, payments and cash application strategically while the solution handles the repetitive tasks quickly and securely.


Quantum Invoicing

Fast, tailored invoice delivery to ensure customers receive invoices the way they want! Send invoices via print, email, online portal or AP systems.


Quantum Payments

Accept payments securely across multiple channels including paper check, ACH or credit cards.


Quantum Cash Application

Use robotic process automation and supervised machine-learning technology to intelligently match payments from multiple sources quickly and accurately.

Quantum automatically processes data files sent from any ERP and sends payment information back to your ERP for a seamlessly efficient invoice-to-cash process. Best of all, you’ll have access to dashboards that give you transparency into your cash and keep it flowing.

Businesses using Quantum to accelerate their invoice-to-cash process have:

  • Lowered AR operating costs by over 35%
  • Reduced DSO between 3-9 days
  • Improved customer satisfaction

How healthy is your invoice-to-cash process?
Use our checklist to figure out ways to accelerate your cash flow.

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