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Automate My AR Process

Manual AR Tasks Slow Down Your Entire Invoice-to-Cash Process

If your AR team handles processes manually, it creates cash flow problems which can affect your entire organization. For most businesses, cash completely stops flowing when there’s an issue, such as:

Customers call with questions or complaints which take time to research and resolve

Employees call in sick, go on vacation, or quit

Printing invoices in-house? Not if the printer breaks or you run out of stationery

A virus infects your computer network, shutting down the business until it’s fixed

Human data entry errors cause payments to get lost or misapplied

Extreme weather damages the office, and you don’t have a backup system

Sales growth exceeds AR bandwidth, slowing down invoice delivery and payment processing

Paper files and payments get lost or misplaced

Automate Invoice-to-Cash Process

Manual processing is inefficient, time-consuming, expensive, and unnecessary. You’re also missing dashboards which would give you 360-degree transparency into your entire invoice-to-cash process, and could show you where your cash is tied up.

Automate Your AR Department and Accelerate Your Cash Flow

When you have an automated system handling your invoice delivery, payments and cash application, you’ll discover that you suddenly have an accelerated cash flow and your business can focus on strategic initiatives. You’ll finally have the cash to upgrade your technology, invest in larger facilities, manage your supply chain better, provide improved customer service, increase your marketing budget, and attract talented new hires.

If you don’t automate, you can’t keep up with the competition. That’s where Billtrust can help.

Automate Your Invoice-to-Cash Process with Quantum Payment Cycle Management

Billtrust Quantum is an automated, end-to-end, cloud-based solution for the invoice-to-cash process that will accelerate your cash flow and improve operational efficiency.

When you bring Quantum solutions to your AR team, they get the ability to manage invoicing, payments and cash application strategically while the solution handles the repetitive tasks quickly and securely.


Quantum Invoicing

Fast, tailored invoice delivery to ensure customers receive invoices the way they want! Send invoices via print, email, online portal or AP systems.


Quantum Payments

Accept payments securely across multiple channels including paper check, ACH or credit cards.


Quantum Cash Application

Use robotic process automation and supervised machine-learning technology to intelligently match payments from multiple sources quickly and accurately.

Quantum automatically processes data files sent from any ERP, and sends payment information back to your ERP for a seamlessly efficient invoice-to-cash process. Best of all, you’ll have access to dashboards to gain transparency into your cash and keep it flowing.

“We needed a billing company that could expertly handle our invoice-to-cash process. Working with Billtrust was a great decision for Chiquita. It is nice to work with a partner that you can count on to do what they say they are going to do.”

Megan Locke, Credit Manager
Chiquita Brands

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