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We foster bottom-up creativity and consider ourselves a meritocracy

Our Product Engineering organization consists of more than 20 agile teams composed of engineers, product owners, designers, analysts and technical leaders focused on embracing creative ideas and building solutions.

We are a cloud-first development organization, using design-centered thinking and cutting edge technologies – but ultimately, our focus is on providing value to our customers.

We rely on good teamwork, open communication and a willingness to help others. We can’t wait to meet you.

"Honestly, the best place I have ever worked. At most places culture is just a catch phrase – At Billtrust, it’s our heart beat."


Software Architect

Across our product portfolio, we leverage a variety of languages, frameworks and tooling.

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Some languages, frameworks and tooling you will use:
  • Newer product suite built cloud-native on AWS
  • MySQL, Snowflake, MongoDB and SQL Server
  • Heavy C#/.NET Core and Angular with some Node.js, Python, Java, C++, and PHP
  • Terraform, Jenkins, Git/GitLab

Our tech stack is flexible — it can and will evolve over time — and what an engineer knows today is not as important as creative thinking, curiosity and intellectual drive.