Speed Up Your Cash Flow

with Quantum Cash Application

Apply cash faster, automatically, and more accurately from multiple sources.

Billtrust Quantum Cash Application

Save Time and Resources with Cash App

Quantum Cash Application learns how your customers like to pay and intelligently matches remit statements to payments automatically to accelerate your cash flow. Quantum Cash Application is the best solution for your organization because it:

Integrates with Quantum Invoicing and Payments for a complete payment cycle management solution

Automates the process of applying payments from multiple sources quickly with nearly 100% accuracy

Uses supervised machine-learning technology which gets smarter over time

Allows your team to handle exceptions in seconds, not hours

Quantum Cash Application Solutions

Lets users manage and code deductions before the data enters the ERP with deduction mapping

Smart Capture technology detects data automatically – without human intervention

Uses your resources efficiently so your team can work on other strategic initiatives

When you choose Quantum Cash Application, you’ll get to increase efficiency and improve customer experience when you remove human error from your system. Plus, with our Mobile Check Deposit app, you can reduce the 5-7 day process to 24 hours, apply cash faster and manage all of your users in one place.

Automate Accurately with Quantum Cash Application

Payment cycle management is a new way to think about your organization’s invoice-to-cash process and resources. Cash application is the important third piece of the puzzle, bringing your automated invoicing and payment processes together improve your cash flow and reduce your AR costs.

What makes Quantum Cash Application different? Our proprietary software utilizes innovative technology to bring you accuracy and efficiency you have to see to believe. Quantum uses adaptive algorithms identify patterns to identify data accurately. We utilize a hybrid approach, using a combination of Robotic Process Automation and Supervised Machine-Learning. Our cash application software “learns” the more it works. As you expose it to more remit statements and payments, Quantum improves its predictive performance resulting in higher auto match rates and accuracy. And unlike other cash app choices, our Cash Application solution is never outsourced, so your data is secure, organized, searchable, and you remain in control every step of the way.

Supervised machine-learning allows us to automate more than 90% of the manual, repetitive tasks associated with cash application so you can focus on the few exceptions that need human analysis. When you implement Quantum Cash Application, your entire team becomes more efficient, and can focus on strategic initiatives as you increase the speed of cash flow back into your business.

“Since we’ve come onboard with Billtrust, we have confidence that our invoices are being sent, how they’re being sent, and when they’re being delivered to the customer.”

Clif Bar & Company
Chris Dare,
Senior Credit Analyst


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