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Our clients stay with us because we provide outstanding service and solutions to help companies grow. We’re also the only strategic, end-to-end payment cycle management solution in the market. No gimmicks or fads here, just real AR solutions to help organizations like yours accelerate cash flow, save money and improve efficiency.

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Video Testimonial: Chris Dare From Clif Bar & Company
Chris Dare

Senior Credit Analyst
Clif Bar & Company

Video Testimonial: Paula Dahl From Rotech Healthcare
Paula Dahl

VP of Revenue Management
Rotech Healthcare

Video Testimonial: Ed Guadagno From East Coast Metal
Ed Guadagno

Director – Credit and Collections
East Coast Metal

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“I love reporting my billing costs every month because they are going lower and lower! In the first four months after going live with Billtrust, our e-billing rate grew from 25% to 65%.”


Peggy Kemp,
Manager of Credit and Collections

“Billtrust has helped us meet the needs of our customers and more than triple our electronic invoicing rate helping us save hundreds of thousands of dollars.”


Jason Housinger,
Director of Credit

“Billtrust taught us how to receive our money quicker, save money, and create invoices that are so much easier to read.”

84 Lumber

Dan Wallach,

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Easy to Use
Billtrust has been easy for our internal users and our customers. Billtrust is constantly working to improve the customer experience…

five stars


Erika Stell,
Credit Manager

Best Vendor Partner
Billtrust has been a valued vendor partner since 2006. Our invoicing process was time consuming, labor intensive, and very expensive before partnering with Billtrust…

five stars

Pacific Plumbing Supply

Sherri Norton,
Credit Manager

Decrease Your FTE
Billtrust has saved our company time and money. Not only do we use them as a distribution tool for sending out our paper invoices, but we have converted 62% of our invoicing to electronic…

five stars

Meier Supply

Deanna Jonas,
Corporate Credit/AR Manager

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