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Mayer Electric Supply

“As CIO, I have been involved with many transitions. I was impressed with how well this transition went. Everything Billtrust said they were going to do, they did. Doing invoicing in-house is just one of those things I never want to go back to. Our invoice-to-cash process is now automated and seamless.”

Mayer Electric Supply
Barry Carden, CIO, Mayer Electric Supply, Birmingham, AL

CDW Logo

“Billtrust has helped us meet the needs of our customers and more than triple our electronic invoicing rate helping us save hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Jason Housinger, Director of Credit, CDW, Illinois

Pro Build Logo

“By deploying Billtrust, Probuild has removed the tedious work of delivering invoices and statements to our customers, saving us money in the process, and freeing up our team to focus more on managing customer relationships and boosting revenue.”

Demi Minos, Information Technology – Delivery, Probuild, Denver, Colorado

Thos. Somerville Co. Logo

“Billtrust is a great fit with our organization’s focus on productivity solutions. Not only do they provide us with better costs on the bill delivery process, their billing technology has resulted in a more professional image with our customers.”

Thos. Somerville Co.
Pete Misiewicz, VP Information Systems, Thos. Somerville Co., MD

Chiquite Logo

“We needed a billing company that could expertly handle our invoice-to-cash process. Working with Billtrust was a great decision for Chiquita. It is nice to work with a partner that you can count on to do what they say they are going to do.”

Chiquita Brands International
Megan Locke, Credit Manager, Chiquita Brands International, Cincinnati, OH

Crescent Parts & Equipment Logo

“I have been a part of automation products in the past and changing services such as payroll and nothing in my experience went as smoothly as the Billtrust change.”

Crescent Parts & Equip.
Barbara Beffa, Office Mgr, Crescent Parts & Equip., St. Louis, MO

Exide Technologies Logo

“We are very pleased with our decision to switch providers. We have seen a definite increase in customer satisfaction both internal and external since moving to Billtrust.”

Exide Technologies
Brad Wheelus, Credit Manager, Exide Technologies, Alpharetta, GA

East Coast Metal Distributors Logo

“Billtrust was an easy win for our organization. The implementation process was extremely thorough, took less than a month to complete, and Billtrust did most of the work. In addition, the on-line reports that are available make it easy for us to quantify the value they are bringing to our organization each month. The payback on their services was almost immediate.”

East Coast Metal Distributors
Ed Guadagno, Director Credit & Collections, NC


“Billtrust’s software enabled us to achieve best practice capabilities in the Accounts Receivables Department as well as improve interactions with our customers and the quality of our employees’ day-to-day activities.”

Kristi Minnick
Functional LEAN Program Manager for Finance and Administration, WESCO

IDEXX Laboratories Logo

“When we selected Billtrust we were looking for a long term partner that had the expertise to improve our business and that is exactly what we got. Billtrust continues to innovate and offers us the flexibility we need to succeed.”

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
Melissa Seader, Manager of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable,  Westbrook, Maine

Advance Electrical Supply Co. Logo

“This is one of the technology projects we implemented that has made a significant difference in our operations. We love Billtrust!”

Advance Electrical Supply
Donna Thickpenny, Office Manager, Advance Electrical Supply, Illinois

84 Lumber Logo

“Billtrust taught us how to receive our money quicker, save money, and create invoices that are so much easier to read.”

84 Lumber
Dan Wallach, CFO, 84 Lumber, Eighty Four Pennsylvania

Mingledorff's Inc. Logo

“I hate giving an A+ to anyone, but I couldn’t think of anything that would give me a reason to give anything other than one.”

Mingledorff’s Inc.
Chris Weaver, Systems Architect, Mingledorff’s Inc., Norcross, GA

Advance Electrical Supply Co. Logo

“This is one of the technology projects we implemented that has made a significant difference in our operations. We love Billtrust!”

Advance Electrical Supply
Donna Thickpenny, Office Manager, Advance Electrical Supply, Illinois

Emser Tile Logo

“The cost and time savings gained by using Billtrust is immense. If we kept these activities in house, we would require at least 3-4 additional headcount. We have converted over 50 percent of our invoices to electronic delivery, saving 10’s of thousands of dollars.”

Emser Tile
Barry Dambrowski, Regional Credit Manager, Emser Tile, Los Angeles, CA

Anda Logo

“Partnering with Billtrust has been a great decision for Anda. We have seen an increased level of customer satisfaction with the delivery of our statements and invoices and an improvement in cash flow. Billtrust gives us the opportunity to use today’s technology to better serve our customer base and manage costs.”

ANDA, Inc.
Dennis Cape, Director of Collections, ANDA, Inc., Weston, FL

Saint Gobain Logo

“I love reporting my billing costs every month because they are going lower and lower! In the first four months after going live with Billtrust, our e-billing rate grew from 25 % to 65%.”

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Peggy Kemp, Manager of Credit and Collections, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, OH

Corken Good Service Logo

“Outsourcing the delivery of our invoices and statements using Billtrust was one of the best decisions our company made. The entire process, start to finish, was completed in about 4 ½ weeks including a complete invoice and statement redesign. With the savings we are realizing, we should have made the move to Billtrust years ago!”

Corken Steel Products
Pete Huddleston, MIS Director, Corken Steel Products, Kentucky

Peabody Supply Co. Logo

“We strive to deliver services that bring value to our customers. When it comes to automating the billing process, Billtrust has helped us accomplish this goal in an efficient and cost effective manner. It has been a true partnership.”

Peabody Supply Company Inc.
Nicholas Velonis, Director of Technology & Human Resources, Massachusetts

U.S. Electrical Services Inc.

“At USESI we take significant pride in delivering high quality customer service. This means understanding the diverse needs of our customers. We liked Billtrust because they offered many flexible, advanced features in the invoicing process that would meet our specific needs and more importantly, those of our customers. We are very pleased with the service.”

Alice Brown, VP of Process Improvement, USESI, Hartford, CT

AUER Steel & Heating Supply Co. Logo

“We recently moved from another outsource billing company to Billtrust. The transition went smoothly and not only are we saving more money, but we are getting a wider variety of services and functionality than we had with our old vendor. We are especially pleased with our e-adoption progress.  We are very happy with the move to Billtrust.”

Auer Steel & Heating Supply
Dan Beno, VP & General Manager, Auer Steel & Heating Supply, Wisconsin

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