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Read what our clients have to say about the Billtrust experience, and how we help their organizations streamline their entire AR process.

Easy To Use

Billtrust has been easy for our internal users and our customers. Billtrust is constantly working to improve the customer experience and makes enhancements as they come along. Being able to get customers their invoices/statements the same day we process them is great. If there are any questions, our customers reach out to us right away instead of waiting for the mail to deliver 7-10 days later.

Erika Stell
Credit Manager,
Slakey Brothers, Inc

Resource Reallocation

Billtrust has saved our company time and money. Not only do we use them as a distribution tool for sending out our paper invoices, but we have converted 62% of our invoicing to electronic. We are now focusing on increasing our payments that are made electronically and utilizing Billtrust as a means for our customers to pay online.

The distribution tool enabled us to more effectively utilize our resources. Instead of having an FTE sitting at a desk, folding and stuffing envelopes all day, we were able to use them to perform other tasks that needed to be done.

Deanna Jonas
Corporate Credit / AR Manager,
Meier Supply

Best Vendor Partner

Billtrust has been a valued vendor partner since 2006. Our invoicing process was time consuming, labor intensive, and very expensive before partnering with Billtrust. With Billtrust, the process is automated, the invoices look professional, and we’ve realized savings in every area — labor, postage, forms and envelopes, etc. Most of all, our customers are extremely happy with their invoicing and the flexibility provided by using Billtrust.

Invoice delivery to our customers is quick, efficient, and accurate. We are notified automatically and immediately if an electronic or fax delivery fails so we can fix it quickly. It’s easy to resend either a single invoice or multiple invoices. Our customers have many options and can choose what is best for them — eInvoice Connect, Invoice Central, e-invoices, email or fax copies. For those that still want invoices via USPS, we have the ability to select the criteria to maximize savings.

Sherri Norton
Credit Manager,
Pacific Plumbing Supply

Awesome Tool For Your Business

Awesome service, easy, works with our mainframe, error free, basically runs itself and with little down time not much to oversee. It’s easy to use and enables management to focus on running our business.

Larry Goldstein
Leff Electric

Easy Access

Really enjoy working out of Billtrust everyday…It’s been so much easier when a customer of mine needs copies of invoices or a backup if they have misplaced their copy. I like that I can pull up multiple Invoices all at once and download and save as a PDF file and then email them right over to myself, my client or save to my desktop and send as an attachment in my email to them. Also, being able to view if a client has received and opened their emails of invoices is a huge help as well. This Software program has saved me a lot of time everyday…

Melissa Thomas
Credit and Collections Specialist,
A. N. Deringer, Inc

Invoice Management Is The Future

Invoice management allows you and your customers to be on same page when it’s time to get the bills paid. 24/7 access to the site is one feature that our customers like.

Leticia Sy
Accounting Specialist,

The Key To Success

Working with Billtrust is always a pleasant experience. They’ve helped us transition from a quarterly postcard billing statement to a full sized 8 1/2 x 11 monthly statement.

Our billing process for quarterly statements took approximately 7 days. The process is now so streamlined that we can run monthly invoices in half the time. By going monthly and by giving our customers more control with online billing statement review capabilities, and more variety in ways to pay, we have seen a great reduction in our DSO.

Our day to day open balances due are also significantly lower. Not only have we accomplished all of these amazing things, but we were able to do so without a rate increase to our customers. Talk about all around satisfaction!

Whenever I speak with colleagues about billing, I always note Billtrust as our key to success.

Candace Hoover
Billing Administrator,

Great Solution

The solution provides Royal Cup Coffee and Tea exactly what we need in order to process our cash receipts timely and efficiently. Prior to installing we had four individuals dedicated to applying our customer’s payments. This old process was slow and inefficient. We now have one full time person dedicated to cash application along with an additional part-timer. We have not only reduced application payroll but have also seen fewer posting errors.

Posting cash is much less of a hassle and retrieving check copies for audits is simple. Consider purchasing the software today. You will not be sorry!

Tom Jordan
Credit & AR Manager,
Royal Cup, Inc.

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