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Coupa Delivers a Faster way to get Paid through Billtrust!

Coupa’s strategic relationship with Billtrust enables suppliers to streamline acceptance of Coupa virtual cards. With this integration, suppliers have the ability to automate and accelerate virtual card payments from customers while receiving a real-time view of their outstanding invoices and current cash flow.

Don’t let emailed card payments slow you down

Customers like to pay in various ways. And more and more of them are automating their accounts payable operations and partnering with banks to deliver payments electronically. 

That’s why your AR team may be getting inundated with emails containing single-use “virtual” credit card payments. These payment emails are easy to send, but if you don’t have automation working on the AR side, they can be very time consuming to process. 

Benefits of using Billtrust’s BPN Card Solution:

  • PCI-compliant processing of Coupa emailed credit cards 
  • Your own virtual terminal for credit card payment entry including credit cards stored by your AR team
  • A standard daily remittance file in CSV format delivered to you for uploading to your AR system
  • Immediate, real time viewing of payments – including email images – on the BPN portal

Get up and running quickly and get paid faster

  • Create touchless payments with minimal-to-no IT involvement
  • Automate your existing emailed credit card volume
  • Accelerate working capital by getting paid faster
  • Make it easier for your customers to pay you.

Ready to get paid faster?