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Unique individuals

Billtrust strives to provide a supportive environment for unique individuals.

Our employees bring with them varied backgrounds, identities and experiences — further enriching the Billtrust culture.

We’ve made it our mission to offer equal opportunities and access to resources to all of the diverse individuals that work here. We seek to amplify the voices of the underrepresented and work to make sure that everyone gets a seat at the table.

Uniqueness is our strength. At Billtrust, everyone belongs.

Employee resource groups

Billtrust is home to seven employee resource groups (ERGs) that consist of employees across different departments within the organization. Our ERGs are continually focused on ensuring that Billtrust is an inclusive and equitable place to work. They include:

  • AAPItrust: Asian-American and Pacific Islander
  • BIGtrust: Black Inclusion Group
  • Familytrust: Parents and Caregivers
  • Honortrust: Veterans
  • Latinxtrust
  • Pridetrust: LGBTQIA+
  • WEtrust: Women’s Empowerment

Current ERG initiatives

Education & development

Providing continuous learning for all team members and connecting them to opportunities to enhance their careers via professional development and mentoring

Awareness & celebration

Sharing our experiences to create a sense of collective solidarity and recognizing major cultural moments with group discussions, guest speakers, book clubs and volunteering

Community impact

Building empathy through volunteering and partnering with mission-driven organizations to extend our impact beyond Billtrust doors

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion is important to me because when people feel comfortable with you, they trust you and open up to you, they share thoughts and ideas freely with you. Learning and hearing from others, walking in other people’s shoes, and understanding why people react a certain way makes you better equipped to be an empathic person and a better human being.”

Photo of Billtrust Employee Nooshy Irani Nooshy Irani, eSolutions Manager

“When I first started at Billtrust, I felt very much a fish out of water – having worked 10 years at my prior company and feeling like starting over from scratch.  I was fortunate to have a group of ethnically diverse women welcome me into the fold and almost immediately make me feel like a part of a family.  I believe that this helped shape my career and also has continued to foster the inclusion of others both within and outside of our company.”

Photo of Billtrust Employee Cheryl DiLouie Cheryl DiLouie, Engagement Director

“Diversity means respecting, honoring, and listening to other people. It means making sure everyone at the table is heard and feels heard. By allowing myself to be vulnerable and honest with my team I open the door for them to do the same.”

Photo of Billtrust Employee Sarah Meerschaert Sarah Meerschaert, Business Operations Manager

“Feeling included at work has left a lasting impression on me. One of my first managers took me under his wing. He would always ask for my input. This gave me an opportunity to demonstrate myself. My goal is to make everyone feel the way he made me feel & to value diversity of thought regardless of someone’s tenure.”

Photo of Joseph Eng, Billtrust's Chief Information Officer Joseph Eng, Chief Information Officer

Billtrust employees participating in their communities

Billtrust Diversity Employee Participation - 4 business women next to an event information board - two women holding hands with pride sign
Billtrust Diversity Employee Participation - man holding black lives matter sign
Billtrust Diversity Employee Participation - women smiling for photo celebrating pride
Billtrust Diversity Employee Participation - Billtrust employees participating in women in technology event
Billtrust Diversity Employee Participation - Peace Pride Parade
Billtrust Diversity Employee Participation - college photo of a man hugging and kissing another man and a women in technology group meeting

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Be your authentic self here. Join our team of unique individuals.