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Managed eAdoption Program

Save time and money when your customers switch to electronic invoicing and payments.

Our proven eAdoption methods will turbocharge your automated invoice-to-cash solution

Do your customers know that you offer electronic invoicing and payment options?

We help you get the most out of your Billtrust Quantum solution with our professional Managed eAdoption Program. We’ll show you how to convert paper customers to electronic presentment and payment using proven methods designed to keep customers happy.

Our personalized consulting service is the final step in your transition to digital invoicing and payments. Your team will be assigned an experienced eAdoption Manager – one who is dedicated to helping you achieve success. Together, you will assess your unique electronic adoption goals, create a plan, identify stakeholders, create a timeline and accomplish your goals.

Companies using the Billtrust Managed eAdoption Program drive 70% more usage of electronic invoice delivery and payments than organizations trying to do it on their own.

In addition to professional guidance, when you sign up for our Managed eAdoption Program, you’ll get unlimited access to our online portal with hundreds of marketing templates, scripts and training materials. We’ll help you develop effective traditional and innovative methods designed to convert your customers to electronic channels. You’ll also get a personalized eAdoption dashboard to track conversion and measure the success of your electronic invoice delivery and payment programs.

CDW reduced invoicing costs by 44% with the Billtrust Managed eAdoption Program.

“Billtrust has helped us meet the needs of our customers. We more than tripled our electronic invoicing rate, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Jason Housinger,
Director of Credit


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