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with Quantum Payments

Give your customers the flexibility to make payments using a range of electronic channels.

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Now you can reduce your AR costs while accelerating your cash flow. Billtrust Quantum Payments is our secure, hosted payment solution that gives you the ability to accept payments automatically through a variety of channels. With Quantum Payments, you can:

Accept payments 24/7 through a secure, cloud-based site

Give customers the flexibility to pay via ACH, or credit card

Accept and process Level 2 and 3 payment data from purchasing cards

Make it easier to achieve PCI compliance and data security

Provide customers with autopay functionality without the effort

Transition customers to adopt electronic payments for faster payments

Apply payments faster with daily payment file integration

Quantum Payment Solutions

Automatically process emailed card payments  (virtual cards)

Get complete data transparency with dashboards and reporting tools

You’ll increase efficiency and reduce DSO, plus you’ll gain total visibility using our dashboards which allow you to control the entire invoicing process.

Billtrust Gives You Secure, Flexible Payment Solutions

Whether your customers want pay invoices by paper check, ACH, or credit card,  or pay via online portal, email,  phone, or at a branch location, your accounts receivable team can leverage a single platform to accept all payments through channels that are convenient and easy to access.

Giving your customers the ability to pay you their way not only makes them happy, it helps you get paid faster too. Which is why a flexible and integrated payment solution is critical to your business — one that gives your customers multiple payment options while giving you greater transparency and control over your receivables.

Billtrust’s multi-channel payment solution streamlines payments for both you and your customers, giving them countless secure payment options while giving you instant access to your cash along with insight into key payment metrics.

Quantum Payments Gives Your Customers Payment Options

ACH & Paper Checks

With Billtrust, your customers can pay their way. You can accept paper checks as you encourage your customers to send electronic ACH payments, the easiest, least expensive way to get paid.

PCI Compliance

Leverage Billtrust and give your customers peace of mind with PCI-compliant secure payment channels. Customer payment information is saved on our system, not yours, reducing your resources needed to keep data safe.

Quantum Payments: Invoice Central
Virtual Card Automation

Process emailed virtual card payments automatically to reduce manual keying, mitigate security risk, and qualify for lower interchange rates.

Online Payment Portals

Give customers 24/7 access to pay your bills using online portals. Customers love having the ability to consolidate paperwork and make ACH and credit card payments anytime through our intuitive interface.

Quantum Payments: eInvoice Connect
Level 3 Credit Card Processing

Accept purchasing card payments with Billtrust Quantum Payments for added security and reduced transactional processing fees.

“We were blown out of the water by Billtrust. They had so many of the functionalities we needed to meet and they exceeded our expectations. We’ve had about a 90% eAdoption rate.”

Megan Locke,
Credit Supervisor


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