Who is Billtrust?

Billtrust is the leading provider of strategic, end-to-end payment cycle management solutions. We help businesses accelerate cash flow, increase customer satisfaction rates, and improve operational efficiency with secure, cloud-based solutions.

Our company is legally named Factor Systems, Inc., and for the past 15 years we have been registered to do business under the name Billtrust. Our corporate headquarters is in Hamilton, NJ.

What is payment cycle management?

Payment cycle management is the automation of the entire invoice-to-cash process – the work done within finance and accounts receivable departments. Payment cycle management has three main components: invoice delivery, payments and cash application.

Billtrust is the pioneer of payment cycle management. We’ve been helping customers save money, automate invoice delivery, and accelerate cash flow since 2001. As technology has changed the way businesses receive and pay invoices, Billtrust has been at the forefront of developing automated solutions which help AR teams process payments faster and more securely.

What is Quantum?

Quantum is our strategic, end-to-end, cloud-based payment cycle management solution for automating the invoice-to-cash process. Quantum is flexible enough to meet the needs of your business and your customers, while improving operational efficiencies, accelerating cash flow and increasing transparency.

Quantum is comprised of three key areas:

  • Tailored invoice delivery to ensure customers receive invoices the way they want
  • Invoice payment to enable secure payment receipt across multiple channels, and
  • Cash application to intelligently match payments from multiple sources quickly and accurately.

Businesses using Quantum to accelerate their invoice-to-cash process have lowered AR operating costs by over 35%, reduced DSO between 3-9 days, and improved customer satisfaction.

How does Quantum Invoicing work?

Your business teams will enter invoicing information into your ERP system as usual. Your ERP automatically sends us the data, and we’ll process and send invoices daily. We offer a secure FTP site that allows you to upload your invoicing files frequently, even daily, to Billtrust for processing. Billtrust will create a custom invoice design to meet your specifications, including special messages and your organization’s logo.

We guarantee that any invoice data received by midnight Monday through Thursday and 9PM on Friday will go out the next day. Our SmartRouting™ technology identifies how each invoice is to be delivered and routes it to each customer’s preferred delivery channel, including U.S. mail, fax, email or AP system.

Digital invoices are automatically sent out within 24 hours, allowing your customers to pay faster. Print invoice files are automatically sent to the regional print facility that will provide the fastest and least expensive printing and delivery. We also offer bullpenning, sorting, and other smart features to help you reduce invoicing costs.

How does Quantum Payments work?

Quantum Payments will give you the flexibility to accept payments and process payments faster through a variety of channels, making your customers happier and accelerating your cash flow. We do the work for you, giving you multiple secure payment options without the effort.

When you use Quantum Payments, your customers get access to a secure, fully hosted, cloud-based site where they can self-serve to view and pay invoices 24/7/365 via ACH or credit card. You can also process Level 2 and 3 payment data from purchasing cards.

Billtrust solutions are PCI Level 1 Compliant. By directing your customers to Billtrust’s payment channels and removing stored credit card data from your own payment environment, you dramatically reduce the costs and effort associated with becoming compliant.

How does Quantum Cash Application work?

Quantum Cash Application automates the process of applying payments from multiple sources quickly and accurately to reduce DSO and accelerate your cash flow. The intelligent payment matching engine extracts data from any source and intelligently matches it to existing open receivables, correcting any exceptions, and producing the highest match rates available.

Quantum Cash Application uses a hybrid approach, a combination of supervised machine-learning and robotic process automation, to give you almost 100% matching. The hybrid solution removes any guess work and errors from your cash app process in addition to helping you reduce the amount of manual work and disparate processes historically associated with the cash application process.

Quantum is an electronic solution, but you can still accept payments made by paper checks. You’ll save even more because you can bypass the expensive manual labor associated with a lockbox. You can stop paying per keystroke when we automatically process your payments for you.

Anyone on your team can log in 24/7 from anywhere in the world and teach the system how to handle exceptions. The system is configurable and never outsourced to 3rd parties. You can be sure your data is secure, organized, and searchable, so you can remain in control.

I am a Billtrust client and I have questions regarding my service or account. Who should I contact?

Our client services team is always happy to answer your questions. Please call us at 609-235-1010, or toll free at 1-888-580-2455.  You can also email your questions to clientsupport@billtrust.com and we will reach out to you promptly.

How are my invoices sent from Billtrust to my customers?

Biltrust can send your invoices and statements via U.S. mail, fax, email, online portal or AP system depending on the preference of your customer. Billtrust offers a Managed eAdoption Program to help migrate your customers to electronic delivery solutions (email Web portal) as these offer you the greatest opportunity for increased savings and customer loyalty.

How does Billtrust save me money?

Whether you are handling invoicing in-house or outsourcing to a print and mail house, Billtrust provides advanced technology and processes that result in significant cost savings. With our expertise, businesses  have achieved efficiency across the three C’s: Cost Savings, Cash Flow, and Customer Satisfaction.

Does Billtrust work with our ERP system?

Billtrust’s technology is ERP-agnostic, meaning it’s designed to work with virtually any ERP system. The 1200+ clients we support use a variety of ERP’s including SAP, Oracle, Mincron, Infor, Epicor, QAD, DMSI, Dynamics and many others.

How do I access copies of my company’s invoices if Billtrust is sending them out?

Invoice and statement images are captured, stored and archived. Using your dashboard in Client Connect, your team can search invoices by customer name, number, or other information.

Billtrust will store an image of your bill for a period of time that you specify for easy retrieval. Most of our customers opt to store their invoices for a year.

Is my data safe?

Data security is our top priority. Billtrust is PCI Level 1 Compliant and SSAE16 Certified. With Billtrust you can be certain that your customer data is safe and secure.

Do you support Level 3 payment processing?

Yes, we do.  You can also process Level 2 and 3 payment data from all cards – including purchasing cards, which allows your business to take advantage of added savings.  You can also process Level 2 and 3 credit card data to reduce fees.

How do I get my customers to adopt electronic invoice and payment delivery?

Billtrust offers a Managed eAdoption Program to help you transition your customers to electronic delivery and payment solutions. The program applies best practices developed from working with over 1200 Billtrust clients and their customers.

How can I see what’s going on throughout the invoicing process?

At the end of each business day, you’ll receive a confirmation email sent to you detailing the invoicing  activity that took place on your behalf. You will also receive notification confirming receipt of invoicing  files you send to us. You can also log in to your dashboard in Client Connect any time to track all your invoicing related activity.

How much technical knowledge do I need to implement Quantum? Will my AR team be able to use it easily?

Your Billtrust Project Manager will help you through every step of the implementation process. We can integrate with your existing ERP or accounting system, and we’ll only need a  limited amount of time from your IT department to set up the solution. Since Quantum is a cloud-based solution, we can provide support and answer any questions you may have.

All Billtrust solutions are intuitive, and easy to use. We can provide your team with training to make sure your organization is using Quantum efficiently.

How do I get started?

Give us a call today at 888-580-2455 or email us at info@billtrust.com for an evaluation of your invoice-to-cash process, and a free demo of Quantum.

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