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Increase Electronic Adoption

Paper Invoicing and Payments are Expensive and Time-Consuming

Having difficulty converting your customers from paper invoices to electronic? At many organizations, customers don’t use electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) options for a variety of reasons, including:

Lack of education - customers don’t know electronic options exist

Concerns about data security and theft

Incompatible AR and AP systems make it difficult to send ePayments

Poorly designed electronic invoices are frustrating for customers to receive

An outdated user interface makes electronic payments difficult for customers

Online options don’t offer flexibility for short pays or Level 3 processing

Partial AR solutions can email invoices but don’t accept electronic payments

Increase Electronic Adoptation

If you want your accounts receivable department to stop stuffing envelopes and start spending time on more strategic initiatives, you need an automated EIPP solution that your customers will actually use. That’s where Billtrust comes in.

Transition to eInvoicing and ePayments for Happier Customers and Faster Cash Flow

When you switch your customers to EIPP, you’ll see a direct impact on your bottom line. No matter how lean your print process is, the biggest cost savings comes when you don’t have to print and mail invoices in the first place. Automated invoice delivery and electronic payments save time and money, and allows your customers to take advantage of quick payment incentives. It’s the best way to accelerate your cash flow and increase your operational efficiency too.

One more added benefit of transitioning your customers to electronic invoice delivery and payments? You’ll notice that your AR team is happier, and your customers are too.

Increase Electronic Adoption with Quantum Payment Cycle Management

Billtrust Quantum is an electronic, end-to-end, cloud-based solution for the invoice-to-cash process that will accelerate your cash flow through automation.

When you bring Quantum solutions to your AR team, they get the ability to manage invoicing, payments and cash application strategically while the solution handles the repetitive tasks quickly and securely.

Our Managed eAdoption Program will help you transition your customers to your Quantum electronic solution using proven best practices. Your customers will love having the ability to retrieve invoices online and pay electronically.


Quantum Invoicing

Fast, tailored invoice delivery to ensure customers receive invoices the way they want! Send invoices via print, email, online portal or AP systems.


Quantum Payments

Accept payments securely across multiple channels, including paper check, ACH or credit cards.


Quantum Cash Application

Use robotic process automation and supervised machine-learning technology to intelligently match payments from multiple sources quickly and accurately.

Quantum automatically processes data files sent from any ERP, and sends payment information back to your ERP for a seamlessly efficient invoice-to-cash process. Best of all, you’ll have access to dashboards to gain transparency into your cash and keep it flowing.

“We recently moved from another outsource billing company to Billtrust. The transition went smoothly and we are saving more money. We are especially pleased with our e-adoption progress. Last month we crossed the 50% mark – meaning greater than 50% of our invoices/statements are now being sent electronically. We are very happy with the move to Billtrust.”

Dan Beno, VP & General Manager
Auer Steel & Heating Supply

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