Keep accounting processes as organized as your talent pool

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As a staffing professional, you work tirelessly to match the right candidates to the jobs you’re hired to fill. You might also be working tirelessly to submit weekly invoices and match the right invoices to remittances. But manual accounts receivable (AR) processes are not the best use of your time and talent. Or anyone’s, for that matter.

Trust the Billtrust suite of solutions to automate your agency's repetitive, time-consuming accounting practices. Control costs, accelerate cash flow, and keep your business clients — and talent pool — happy.

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Machine Learning for Staffing

Billing cycles are a breeze with automated AR

While you’ve embraced machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize the firm-to-candidate client lifecycle within vendor management systems (VMS), your accounting processes have yet to make a similar digital transformation.

That means you’re feeding invoices and pulling remittance data from various VMS portals, each with its own requirements — and often with employee names and week-ending dates instead of invoice numbers. Cash application is tedious and prone to mistakes.

And when inefficient processes hold up payments, it’s your cash that’s not flowing.

Regardless of misspellings, incorrect dates, or inaccurate amounts, Billtrust Cash Application matches payments and remittances using optical character recognition (OCR), automatically recognizing custom fields, and offering statistical analysis to predict the most likely match.

Integrate with more than 250 VMS and AP portals

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Secure, accurate, and frictionless Billtrust solutions resolve AR bottlenecks and integrate with more than 250 VMS and AP portals, including:

  • Beeline
  • SAP Fieldglass
  • Simple VMS