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Learn how new technology can revolutionize your cash flow. Download an eBook today and see how automation, digitization, security and other innovations can have a broader impact across your company and improve your customer experience.

The Biggest Accounts Receivable Trends For 2017

When you can create a customer-centric user experience in the B2B world, you’re going to stand out from the competition. Learn how to increase customer retention, loyalty, and sales by staying ahead of the biggest AR trends for 2017.

Earn Customer Loyalty Through Invoice Delivery Happiness

Satisfied customers are loyal customers. When you offer an epic customer experience online, your customers will be loyal forever. In this eBook you’ll learn why flexible invoice delivery makes customers happy and find out how to take the first step towards building brand loyalty.

Smarter Machines Better Cash App
Smarter Machines: Better Cash App Accuracy Using AI and Robotics

Do You Use Artificial Intelligence? If you haven’t brought automation technology into your business, there’s a huge opportunity for you to increase efficiency and accuracy within your organization. Read this eBook to learn more.

5 Ways Invoices are Like Donuts
Payment Cycle Management Explained: 5 Ways Invoices Are Like Donuts

Automated AR invoice-to-cash solutions will create cost savings so good, you can almost taste it. Here’s a quick look at how you can save dough with a complete payment cycle management solution.

Data Transparency with Dashboards
Data Transparency | Driving Better Decisions Through Dashboards

If you can’t see your data, how can you be sure you’re making the right decisions for your team and your organization? Learn why you need total access to accurate, updated information in order to reach your goals. Buckle up and take a ride with us as we learn how to achieve real data transparency.

Mystery Solved! Level 3 Credit Card Processing
MYSTERY SOLVED! Level 3 Credit Card Processing Decoded

Reducing credit card fees are complicated. We draw back the curtain and reveal what you need to know about saving money with Level 3 credit card processing.

Rock the Best Cash Application Solution
Rock the Best Cash Application Solution

Does your cash application solution rock? Is your business efficiently processing payments and increasing cash flow? Learn how to choose the best automated cash application solution, and avoid the garage band wannabes.

What Netflix Teaches Us About Automation
The Digital Revolution: What Netflix Teaches Us About Digitization

Behind every success story are dozens, if not hundreds of businesses that didn’t survive. Learn the secrets of automation, and how it can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Invoice-to-Cash Health Assesment
How Healthy is Your Invoice-to-Cash Process?

Do you know how healthy your invoice-to-cash process is? Use our checklist to identify where you need to improve.

What Keeps CFOs Awake at Night?
What Keeps CFOs Awake at Night?

As CFO, you manage people, you manage money and you manage your time. Is there a solution to some of your biggest challenges and sleep better at your night?

5 Ways to Make Your Invoice-to-Cash Process Flexible
5 Ways to Make Your Invoice-to-Cash Process Flexible

Inflexible invoicing, payment, and cash application processes lead to unhappy customers, inefficient use of resources and extended DSO. Learn why your AR team needs to become flexible and fast.

The Surprising Power and Efficiency of Automation
The Surprising Power and Efficiency of Automation

We know your old school invoicing and payment methods work. But what if there is a more efficient, scalable, money-saving solution that brings cash into your hands faster?

“Billtrust is a great fit with our organization’s focus on productivity solutions. Not only do they provide us with better costs on the bill delivery process, their billing technology has resulted in a more professional image with our customers.”

Pete Misiewicz
VP Information Systems,
Thos. Somerville Co.

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