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Use our payment cycle management analysis tools and AR checklists to get an accurate look at the overall efficiency, cost, and accuracy of your current invoice-to-cash process. Our Tools on Demand will also help you identify potential areas where improvements within your organization can help you accelerate your cash flow.

Download our Tools on Demand and assess your existing invoice-to-cash process.

Tools on Demand: PCM Cost Savings Checklist Thumbnail
Payment Cycle Management Cost Savings Checklist

Need to choose an automated invoice-to-cash solution that will save your organization money? We can help you ask the right questions to identify areas where you can increase efficiency and gain cost savings.

Tools on Demand: Cash Application Checklist Thumbnail
What is Cash Application? Checklist

How accurate are your payments with your remittance statements or invoices? Download this checklist to learn more about Cash Application. The faster and more accurately you do it, the faster cash flows into your business.

Tools on Demand: PCI Compliance Checklist Thumbnail
Protect Your Data with Our PCI Compliance Checklist

How secure is your customers’ information? Do you have vulnerabilities that would allow hackers to steal your data? Use our checklist to assess your security and keep thieves from breaking into your physical office space and online network.

“By going to Billtrust and having our customers sign up to go electronic, they get their invoice before midnight the day they bought the product. That whole process has been shrunk down to hours.”

Dawn Brekke
Accounting Manager,
Behler Young Company

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