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Forget filing, copying and fetching coffee. At Billtrust, our interns do important work! Our internship program lets college students work alongside our talented teams to gain real-world work knowledge and experience.

The paid internship opportunities at Billtrust are real. From coding to content creation, sales to solutions consulting, event planning to social media marketing, our interns learn on the job. Many of our interns love Billtrust so much, they start their careers here after they graduate.

Check our website frequently for all of our internship listings throughout the year.

Opportunities Currently Available

We have internships available in Hamilton NJ, Denver, and Chicago.

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Intern Success Stories

HAILEY (University of Miami)

As a Billtrust intern I have had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing company culture. The willingness of everyone here to answer any and all questions has allowed me to learn beyond the scope of just marketing. I feel the combination of structured and unstructured training is the key to getting the most out of this summer because a task will be given but it’s my decision how to go about it. Although it’s been challenging, I have become familiar with using Excel formulas to more efficiently analyze data. I look forward to what the rest of the summer will teach me.”


SERGEII (Princeton University)

“It was a meaningful opportunity to develop new skills, complex strategies, and valuable relationships. The opportunity to learn was always present; all that was needed was the initiative to pursue different projects and ideas which were unfamiliar. From financial analysis to program development, the internship certainly enabled me to be constantly thinking, learning, and applying my skills in creative and innovative ways.”



“Working at Billtrust opened my eyes to what a great work-life balance can be like. I felt at home since my first day, always learning something new and never being afraid to reach out and network. Its one thing learning about marketing in school but its another thing to be able to dive head first into the world of B2B marketing, in a fast growing company like Billtrust.”


ZACHARY (The College of New Jersey)

“During my summer at Billtrust I worked in the mergers and acquisitions department, where I was involved with M&A operations, ePMO, and corporate development. My main accomplishments involved updating the M&A playbook to include information from past acquisitions, building project templates to be used by the ePMO department and sourcing companies to complement Billtrust’s current product offerings. From day one, the employees at Billtrust went out of their ways to welcome me into the Billtrust family. I really enjoyed my time here at Billtrust and learned a great deal that I will take back to school and into any future career.”


TAYLOR (Arcadia University)
Previous Intern Title: Product Management Intern
Current Title: Business Analyst

“The adjustment from going from a full time student to a full time employee was flawless with Billtrust. I started out in the internship program as a Product Management Intern and eventually transitioned to a full time employee as a Business Analyst after graduation. The opportunity Billtrust gave me to ask questions, develop my own career path, and learn how the process of building a product works is something I am eternally grateful for. Billtrust really prides itself on its culture and being a reflection of that is truly fulfilling.”


VATSALA (Cornell University)

“Going into my internship as a Web Development Intern, I only knew the basics of programming in one language. Within weeks of joining the Billtrust team, I had learned four new programming languages and was actively participating in daily team scrums. Over the course of the summer, I went from writing code in Notepad++ to developing in advanced Integrated Development Environments and using Version Control. I proceeded to take on the role of a Product Management Intern, which allowed me to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the market research, customer feedback, and UX design aspects that go in to planning and delivering a successful B2B product. The fast-paced setting and collaborative culture at Billtrust allowed me to not only build my technical skills, but also develop confidence in ability to learn and thrive in a dynamic environment.”


How many interns do you hire each year?

    We usually hire about 15 interns during the summer session, and 2 interns for the fall and winter sessions.


Are your internships paid?

    Yes! Our internships are paid positions.


Why should I apply for an internship at Billtrust?

You’ll gain valuable skills including:

  • Interview training
  • Real world experience
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Social media training


When and how do I apply?

We post our internships here on our website about 6 months before the start of the term. If you don’t see any positions available now, check back soon.

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