Invoice Central

Your powerful online portal for electronic invoicing and payments.

Invoice Central is the first secure, cloud-based invoicing and payment portal designed to put your customer’s needs first.

When you join the Invoice Central network, you can send invoices electronically to your customers, and they can send electronic payments using any payment method – ACH, credit card or paper check. What makes Invoice Central unique is that your customers can get invoices from other vendors as well, and pay all of their invoices using the same account at any time. You’ll get maximum customer satisfaction with minimal effort.

Customers love using Invoice Central because they can:

  • Use multiple payment methods, including different bank accounts and banks, unlike bank billpay websites
  • Manage their account and access archived invoices 24/7
  • Customize payment delivery dates to balance their cash flow
  • Simplify their AP process by paying multiple invoices through a single website

Why will your AR team love using Invoice Central?

  • Fast electronic invoice delivery – save on printing and mailing costs
  • Efficient payments – accept electronic invoices faster with less processing costs
  • Simplified cash application – Invoice Central sends remit statements with payments
  • Total support – the Invoice Central team will handle website management issues

When you get Billtrust Quantum Payments, you’ll automatically get access to Invoice Central. Our Managed eAdoption Program will help you convert your paper customers using Invoice Central’s easy-to-use interface.

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