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Credit Management

Accelerate credit risk management with the power of automation.

Centralized credit data

Our proprietary software aggregates industry trade-network inputs, bureau reports and other third-party data to create accurate and up-to-date credit profiles.

Peer-to-peer trade networks

Join peer-to-peer networks where credit providers can share their experiences with buyers-in-common.

Smart data analysis

Our proprietary software performs granular data analysis, delivering smart recommendations — and our AI-assisted data weighting and scoring performs with unparalleled accuracy.

Grow top-line revenue, and protect bottom-line income.

Conduct portfolio analysis

We analyze your customers using bureau, bankruptcy and supplier trade data, delivering actionable insights into their business’ viability and probability of on-time payments.

Monitor credit risk changes

We don’t rest on the report. All of your customer accounts will be constantly monitored, alerting you to any major credit events.

Review industry-specific trade data

Access credit data across millions of businesses organized by industry, and reach out to a network of peers that have customers-in-common.

Analyze your business risk

We take a careful look at trade, bureau and other data sources while taking your existing credit risk into account. Our comprehensive recommendation empowers faster and more confident credit decisions.

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Credit Management brings data, analysis and smart recommendations together to drive growth. Want to see it in action? Let’s chat.

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