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17 Years of Billtrust and Beyond

Seventeen years is a long time. To put it into perspective seventeen years is 148,916 hours, 6,205 days, 886 weeks, 204 months. This past Saturday, Billtrust celebrated its seventeenth anniversary in business where we help customers succeed by accelerating their cash flow, automating their accounts receivable process and streamlining their processes to help their business.

collage of billtrust employees celebrating milestone

To reflect on seventeen years in business, Billtrust CEO Flint Lane shared some insights into what this anniversary means to him and more.

Question – How have you evolved as a CEO in the last seventeen years?

Flint – Every year I have had to grow as a CEO because what is required to be successful each year is wildly different.  Being the CEO of a 5-person company is much more about what I can personally accomplish. Now that we’re a 500-person company, it’s far more about setting strategy and culture.

Question – Seventeen years ago, did you ever imagine Billtrust would be what it is today?

Flint – Not a chance.  I was a failed entrepreneur when I started Billtrust so I was just hoping to survive and provide for my family.

Question – What is your perspective on seventeen years at Billtrust?

Flint – It’s been an incredible journey so far and we’ve accomplished so much. I’m most proud of the people who I have shared the journey with who have made us so successful.

Question – What is the one thing that excites you the most about Billtrust after almost two decades of business?

Flint – The opportunity to revolutionize the B2B payments ecosystem is incredibly exciting. We live in a world that still sends out billions of paper invoices and billions of paper checks each month.  This is bad for everybody – the suppliers, the buyers, and the environment. We think we can help solve that in a big way.

Question – How do you see Billtrust seventeen years from now?

Flint – We will joke about the size we are today, which is what we do every 5 years when we look back.

A special thank you to Flint for sharing these insights as everyone at Billtrust celebrates another milestone anniversary in business.

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