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3 Reasons To Give Your Business A Summer Vacation

It’s ironic, but planning the perfect family summer vacation takes a lot of work. Vacations are important because they give you mental and physical time to recharge and not stress about your typical day-to-day. And when your vacation is over, you can return to the office recharged and ready to take on your usual tasks. So shut down your computer, don’t check email, and relax.

Planning your vacation can become more of a burden than your day-to-day though!  With that said, I’d like to share three tips that I use when planning a trip which, coincidentally, can also benefit your business. So pack your bags, get your boarding pass, and get ready for these three vacation/business strategic necessities!

1. Being Financially Conscientious Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing

You don’t have to travel around the world to have a great vacation! There are plenty of great ways to save money by not traveling too far for a vacation. For example, you could plan a staycation, do local day trips, or go camping. All three options allow you to save money without compromising on a fun, relaxing time for all.

Similarly for your business, saving money is critical. Finding new ways to cut costs can help your company save for those more strategic tasks that will help you make a profit. One way to achieve this is by reducing accounts receivable costs with automation technology. This technology allows you to focus on the more important challenges, while automating the routine and more manual tasks, will offer a more secure solution for processing, filing, and organizing data.It also helps you to boost business efficiency. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

2. Reduce Stress and Relax

It seems almost too obvious for me to write, but I will anyway. Vacations are meant to help you relax and get away from the stress of day-to-day life. Reducing stress will make you feel better physically, can help you get a better night’s sleep, and not for nothing, but when was the last time you just kicked back and relaxed? My point exactly!

You owe it to yourself to take a few days off and enjoy a summer vacation where you can travel to new exciting places, enjoy a hobby you usually don’t have time for, or read a book in a hammock overlooking the ocean. No one ever complained about being too relaxed.

Reducing stress, thanks to a vacation, will make you physically feel better, just like reducing your business’s DSO will make your accounts receivable team feel better. By automating your manual paperwork processes, and reducing your company’s DSO (days sales outstanding) you have less work, less stress, and accelerate your cash flow. Doesn’t every company need to get paid faster?

3. Keep Your Family Happy

One thing that’s essential to planning a vacation is picking a location that everyone will enjoy. If someone doesn’t like the beach, then Hawaii or Miami probably aren’t the best choices. Just like in real estate, a key to the perfect vacation is location, location, location. The right destination will offer something for each of your travel companions.

One thing I always do before choosing a vacation destination is consider what food my family likes, what hobbies they enjoy, and any other important factors that can impact choosing a location. It could be the most important part of the planning process, but you can’t overlook it! Every person tagging along needs to enjoy something personal about the trip, because it’s their vacation too!

Much like making sure your family is happy, a business has to be focused on making their customers happy. When a company takes care of their customers they are helping to build a bond that will make the business successful and keep the customer loyal. An easy way to boost customer satisfaction is to provide 24/7 customer services, multiple payment options, and a safe portal for them to view necessary business data.

You work hard and you owe it to yourself to plan that getaway trip you’ve been dreaming of. Similarly, your business deserves the success that you’ve been working towards. These three tips will help you plan a great vacation and help your company beat the summer heat!

Learn more about how you can beat the heat this summer by reducing the pressure on your accounts receivable team.  And we invite you to fill out the form below! We’ll send you something fun to help you cool off this summer, and you’ll be entered to win a YETI cooler when you schedule a quick call with one of our A/R consultants.

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About the author:

Ryan Mitchell is the Social Media Coordinator at Billtrust. He can be reached on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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