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Billtrust 2 Business Advice: Mitch Rose

In both our careers and personal life we all have heroes that inspire us. We all have been given, or have shared advice that has sparked a passion. Billtrust’s SVP of Sales, Mitch Rose, shares some business and personal advice that has helped him throughout his life.

Billtrust Employee Spotlight Mitch

What are three pieces of advice you wish someone had shared with you earlier in your career?

Great question. This is the same advice I share with my kids:

  • First, be your own person. Have your own opinions and do not be afraid to share. Life is more fun when you are a free thinker. And you will find that you are more valuable to your organization and team by speaking up and sharing your thoughts.
  • Second, embrace failure. We all make mistakes. The worst thing you can do is cower in the face of trying something new. Just don’t make the same mistake twice, find new mistakes to make.
  • Third, find people that will take the time to provide you with constructive feedback. Your friends, family, managers and peers can all help you be a better person and more valuable to your organization by telling you how you can do things better. Embrace negative feedback and thank the person that gave it to you.

Here is a bonus: Every month read at least one book. Read about new trends, read about business, read about a hobby, read about anything! This helps in so many ways. Keeps your mind working, provides new ideas, provides an escape, and provides for great conversation with those around you.

Who is someone that you have looked up to during your career?

That one is easy. My father was (and still is) a role model for me. He had a knack for analyzing trends and understanding how it could impact his organization. He treated everyone he knew including his family, friends, peers, employees, partners, and vendors special. He was a straight shooter and was respectful of every person he came in contact. He also was a positive person who knew how to motivate. I think of my father often and how he might tackle some of the challenges that arise in my professional and personal life.

Early on in your career, what dreams did you have for yourself 10 or 15 years down the line?

I have been lucky. I have worked and learned from many great people and through my career have been a part of different industries including Consumer Packaged Goods, Toys, Adtech and now Fintech. I have been a part of large global organizations and small start-ups. It has been great to have the chance to learn new things through my journey. I always thought that one day I would build my own business. Never knew exactly what it would be. It is never too late.

What would you tell yourself 10 years in the past based on experiences you now have?

First off the question should ask what I would tell myself 30 years ago (showing my age a bit). I would tell myself to be a constant learner, embrace feedback, talk less/listen more. Most importantly, I believe a true measure of a person’s success is how they have helped the people around them grow and develop. I would have told myself to stay focused on helping others.

What advice or motivation would you give yourself for 10 years in the future?

A lot of the same advice I would have told myself 30 years ago. Stay focused on helping those around me succeed, embrace feedback, talk less/ listen more (I still struggle with this), be a constant learner. No matter how much I embrace these traits it is a never enough.

A special thank you to Mitch Rose who you can connect with on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

About the author:

Mitch Rose is the SVP of Sales at Billtrust

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