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Blog Post

Billtrust 2016 Year In Review

Where does the time go? It’s a valid question to ask ourselves as we begin a new year and close the book on what has been a very busy and successful 2016. So much has happened at Billtrust over the last year! At a glance we:

  • Unveiled Quantum Payment Cycle Management
  • Hired 112 new Billtrust employees
  • Launched our Supervised Machine-Learning Quantum Cash Application

That is just an overview of what has been a very successful year at Billtrust!

paper on clip board reads 2016 year in review next to cup of coffee

One of the largest parts of the past year has to be celebrating Billtrust’s 15th anniversary. Many companies say they do great things, but being in business for 15 years and moving forward is how you SHOW the world that you mean business! Each member of the Billtrust team has helped contribute to the ongoing success that started back in 2001 and continues to grow each and every day.

Another reason that 2016 has been a year of Billtrust success is that we’ve brought 112 new hires on board. Billtrust continues to grow at a rapid pace as we strive to enhance the products we offer, our customer experience, and of course helping your company be more efficient and save money. 2016 also saw the launch of our new logo and the company wide implementation and our upgraded internal intranet and knowledge management tool to help us improve communication across teams.

When we look inside the company to measure success in 2016, we discover that we’ve set a few more Billtrust records. In 2016 alone, Billtrust Account Managers completed over 1,000 account review meetings, a 40% increase from 2015’s totals. We know a lot of companies think they are meeting customer needs, but we use metrics like these to measure success based directly on customer feedback. We came, we saw, and we saved your company money…and you loved it.

Even while we are hard at work, everyone at Billtrust still knows how to have a little fun, and we showed that during our own Summer Olympic games. For two weeks employees competed in fun events and yes gold medals were awarded. One record we are very proud of is on October 31st we on-boarded a record 10 new people, and yes some of them dressed up in costume like the rest of the office! We had a record year for our Mentor program with 36 participants, and a successful year with our internal leadership program. We also had 14 paid interns in our summer internship program. We’ve continued our Social Media growth and built out our profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Google Plus, YouTube, and Instagram. If you haven’t yet, be sure to follow us!

As we think back on the past year, we are proud of what we’ve achieved as an organization, but we’re not slowing down anytime soon. We are very excited about all that is in store for 2017. While we can’t give out any details, all we can say is stay tuned for more great products, services, and AR expertise from the Billtrust team.

Article By Ryan Mitchell, Social Media Coordinator at Billtrust

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