How Billtrust consulting maximizes your ROI

Blog | March 23, 2022

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Billtrust Consulting helps you to get the most out of your accounts receivable solutions. Learn how customers receive a fully optimized experience and more.

Watch Abby Zeckser on Getting the Most ROI out of Billtrust

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Abby Zeckser, Director of Consulting and Partnerships at Billtrust, walks you through all of the services offered by Billtrust consulting.
Abby Zeckser, Director of Consulting and Partnerships at Billtrust, walks you through all of the services offered by Billtrust consulting.

During your Billtrust implementation, a team of Billtrust experts worked with your company to determine the best settings and practices for your solutions. But maybe it’s been a while since your implementation and your business’ circumstances have changed. There may be room for improvement there. 

Additionally, Billtrust is constantly developing new features and improving our practices. You may not be taking advantage of all the Billtrust has to offer. 

The Billtrust consulting team makes sure that you’re getting the most out of your Billtrust solutions. 

We’re here to partner with you one-on-one. We help you gauge where you are, where you’re going, and fill in any gaps that may be hampering your processes.

When will I hear from Billtrust consulting?

The Billtrust consulting team wants to ensure that your Billtrust experience is fully optimized. We connect with customers through 3 main channels. 

  1. We monitor our customers to make sure they are performing well on key metrics. If we see you falling behind on your KPIs, we will reach out and offer help. 
  2. Customers come to us. They may be experiencing a specific problem, or just looking for a general checkup. 
  3. We play a role in acquisitions. When companies buy or merge with businesses that use Billtrust solutions, we work with them to determine the best settings and practices for the new organization. 

Hundreds of settings

There are a lot of settings behind the scenes here at Billtrust that can lead to positive outcomes. For example, there’s a lot we can do to encourage your customers to pay multiple open invoices in one transaction (which has cash application benefits): 

  • We can offer a summary screen on your billing portal. 
  • We can turn on Pay by Email for your customers that have emailed invoices. 

If you have an accounts receivable (AR) goal, we can help you get there. 


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Why is this important now?

Electronic payments are on the rise, and we’re here to help you more efficiently accept electronic payments. With a fast-changing ecosystem, you’re busy! We’re experts at helping you keep up with your settings and policies to maximize easy payment acceptance.

What does practical success look like?

Last year, we worked with a mid-sized plumbing client facing complex problems. This client was spending too much time manually touching payments. After a consultation, we made improvements to their payment workflow and configurations behind the scenes, and as a result, their payment volume went up 18%. 

A dashboard to compare to your peers 

Billtrust monitors our customers’ success across multiple key performance indicators (KPIs). We record and analyze those data points and are able to create proprietary benchmarks organized by industry, ERP-use and business size. 

Our customers crave information. And Billtrust consulting has created a dashboard to give it to them. Now, they can see how they rate across multiple benchmarks. They can find where they’re excelling compared to their peers and identify areas for improvement. 

And where there is room to do better, the Billtrust consulting team can help with one-on-one analysis and recommendations.

Get in touch! 

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