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Billtrust Helps Billers Go Paperless with EasyImport 2.0

Billtrust’s EasyImport 2.0 allows businesses to download their billing data into more accounting packages than ever, helping to migrate more companies to electronic billing

JAMESBURG, NJ Feb. 26, 2009 – Billtrust, the leading billing service provider, today announced the launch of EasyImport 2.0. EasyImport allows bill recipients to download billing data received from their supplier, directly into their accounting packages.

With Billtrust’s newest version of EasyImport, businesses can now download billing data into the following industry leading accounting packages ─ QuickBooks, Peachtree, Timberline, Viewpoint, and Dexter & Chaney’s Forefront. Further, the data can also be downloaded into a CSV file. The new release also features an improved user interface featuring easy to use menus to generate downloadable files that can be accessed via email or online.

The electronic transfer of billing data is commonly used when both the biller and bill recipient have the scale to invest in EDI (Electronic Data Transfer). Often, these investments can be significant prohibiting many companies from utilizing EDI. With EasyImport, these companies can exchange a data file that can instantly be downloaded.

“EasyImport is one of the reasons our company chose to work with Billtrust,” said Jeff Corrick, Vice President at Stoneway Electric Supply. “It has helped our company quickly increase the percent of bills we send electronically to over 35%. Many of our customers have opted out of receiving paper bills and chose to get their invoicing data by email because of the ability to download into their accounting system.”

“We love getting our invoices and statements by email with the downloadable file”, said Patty Webb, at Webb Electric, a contractor of Stoneway Electric based in Seattle. “I can access the data files from different places and it has saved us countless hours of manual data entry.”

With EasyImport, bill recipients have two different options for receiving a downloadable file. They can choose to receive an email daily that would include two attachments; a PDF file that contains an exact replica of the invoices generated for that day, and a data file that would be in the format to match the accounting system they specified. Alternatively, they can choose to access their billing data via a secure online web site where they can view, print, download and pay their bills.

“EasyImport works for the market because it benefits both the biller and bill recipient by ensuring the accurate and timely transfer of data”, said Mitch Rose VP Marketing at Billtrust. “An added benefit is its contribution to reducing the use of paper, an important priority for both Billtrust and our customers.”

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