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Billtrust News and Information: Summer Edition

If you thought summer was a time to relax and take it easy, you don’t work here at Billtrust. We never stop! During the months of July and August we published a series of articles covering a span of topics, from how the Payment Cycle Management Maturity Model can help your A/R team evaluate their automation and create a digital strategy, to highlighting Billtrust’s fantastic internship program. Here is a brief overview of a few of the July and August blog posts so you can catch up on the news you need to know.

Why Acronyms are No Longer Four Letter Words

Chances are you’ve used an industry buzzword before on a call with a customer or prospect, and the result probably wasn’t great. While you may want to skip the jargon, using business related acronyms that helps simplify conversations will help you connect with the the people you want to reach in an authentic way.

Why We Love Interns (and How They Help Us Grow Our Business)

You probably have fond memories from your internship, but have you ever paused to think about how the company you were at benefited from having you as the intern? At Billtrust we love our interns and appreciate that they help create brand awareness, they bring us a unique perspective, and they helps us engage in community involvement. Our interns continue to help us grow and become better each year, and we often hire them after graduation.

How do your A/R processes measure up to world-class organizations?

AR inefficiencies and manual processes are wasting both time and money for many companies. Automation is the key to accelerating your cash flow and making your accounts receivable team more efficient. This business overview breaks down how the Payment Cycle Management Maturity Model will show you where your A/R team could be more efficient on the path to becoming world-class.

Secure My Financial Data: An Interview with Billtrust’s Director of Information Security

Data breaches, cyberattacks, and skilled hackers are wreaking havoc on companies as they compromise their financial data.

“A lot of people are talking about Artificial Intelligence, Machine-Learning, Security Automation/Orchestration. This technology helps to free up human resources from the routine tasks, allowing expert to focus their efforts on investigations and engineering new protection.”
– Laura Whitt-Winyard, Director of Information Security at Billtrust

This brief interview helps shade light on a security issue that has plagued news headlines for months and continues to be a concern for companies around the world.

Why Your Employee Need Less Product Training, Not More

You’ve probably experienced a product implementation training that took 30-40 hours. The sales person pitched how “user-friendly” this product would be, yet your teams still a week’s worth of training or more just to learn how to use it. We break down why you should choose the company that embodies the “less training is better” philosophy.

Employee Spotlight – Gene Sardoni

This employee spotlight helped us to better understand the life of Gene Sardoni, a Billtrust Rockstar who also happens to wear shorts during the winter! From his early days as a teacher and coach to helping Billtrust customers, Gene brings passion and drive to our team.

Tweet, Ask, Learn: The Power of the Billtrust Twitterview

Let’s face it, sometimes getting an answer to your question can be pretty tricky. At Billtrust we hold Twitterviews, or Twitter interviews. These are live Q&A’s on technology-related topics with industry experts. This format allows you the opportunity to ask our expert a question and get a real-time response.

Blog Series: Machine-Learning Technology Explained

We end the month with the start of a new blog series in which we show the Terminator movies released a quarter of a century ago accurately explore the nuances in today’s cutting edge artificial intelligence technology. We’ll explain the differences between the internet of things (IoT), machine-learning, deep learning and true artificial intelligence. We’ll be back (with the rest of the blog series in September.) Stay tuned!

Article by:
Ryan Mitchell | Social Media Coordinator

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