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Billtrust Summit Takes Center Stage in New Orleans

Billtrust Summit 2019 is officially in the books, and it was certainly one to remember.

Set against the backdrop of beautiful New Orleans, our sixth annual Summit offered something for everyone in or around the accounts receivable (AR) space. From a first-hand view into the Billtrust roadmap, compelling talks on customer experience and FinTech innovations, to advice from a professional poker champion on better decision making, there was no shortage of insightful and provocative content.

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We want to provide an opportunity for those who attended to revisit some of this Summit’s highlights and also give those who were unable to attend a view into some of the interesting and actionable content that came out of this event. To that end, we will be doing a blog series that focuses on five themes. Check them out below.

Five themes from Billtrust Summit 2019

1. Billtrust announcements

There were two significant announcements during the Summit — the acquisition of Second Phase and the release of Billtrust Collections. We’ll go into the details and implications that these announcements hold for the B2B payments industry.

2. Keynote highlights

We were fortunate to have some great speakers at this year’s Summit. We’ll dig into the takeaways from these presentations and cover areas such as customer experience, trends in B2B payments, the economy and even the process of decision making as told by poker champion, Annie Duke.

3. Billtrust, Visa and Billtrust Payments Network (BPN)

Coming off the heels of the launch of our collaboration with Visa to deliver Billtrust’s Business Payments Network, which is designed to streamline the delivery of electronic B2B payments to suppliers, the momentum continues. Not only was Visa our platinum sponsor at this year’s event, but we also had the opportunity to hear from Visa’s Head of Global Solutions, Kevin Phalen, on the main stage. We look forward to a lot of great things to come from this collaboration as we aim to bridge the gap between AR and accounts payable (AP).

4. Celebrating customers

Our customers at Billtrust are what makes this company so great. From the main stage to breakouts, we had a ton of best practice sharing, insights, and networking. We’ll share some of the highlights from customers who are dealing with payments in their organizations and what we can learn from their various approaches using Billtrust solutions.

5. Billtrust Pavilion

At Summit 2019, the Billtrust Pavilion served as a homebase for networking with not only customers and their Billtrust teammates, but also valued Billtrust partners, sponsors and other vendors. We want to thank everyone who took the time to attend and helped make this event so fantastic. And, of course, a very special shout out to our sponsors, including Visa, Flywire, Avalara, KeyBank, Plastiq, Dal, and CardConnect!

These blogs will be released over the next few weeks, so we’ll see you in the first edition and hope you’ll find a lot of great details and value as we recap our favorite parts of Billtrust Summit 2019!

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