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Business Lessons We Can Learn From Pokemon Go

By now you have probably heard about, seen, or even played Pokemon Go, the new mobile video game taking the world by storm. This unique game encourages players to be physically active, meet new people, and visit new places. But I bet you didn’t stop to consider that there are a few lessons we can all can learn from this adventurous game.

Lesson 1: The Need for App-Based Solutions

Pokemon Go is a video game phenomenon that allows millions of users around the world to play the game whenever and wherever they choose using an app. It’s such a simple, but vital concept.

Business leaders often find themselves wishing they could bring their services to a larger group of people, in the form of an app. An app solution helps anyone maximize their profits, customer service and user experience using existing technology everyone has on them all the time, such as phones, tablets, and computers. You can use an app while you are on the go, preventing you from being locked down on the program for hours. A quick app solution will be more conducive to your busy schedule.

Lesson 2: Security is Paramount

The millions of Pokemon players or “trainers” across the world are trying to capture each creature, but the game is set up so rare creatures only come out early in the morning or late at night. Trainers need to think about their own personal security when they are outside. There have been reports of people getting mugged, getting hit by cars, and more because they aren’t carefully looking at their surroundings.

Businesses should constantly seek out ways to improve security so that their users don’t have to worry about a breach of their data. It is important that businesses always are aware of what is going around them so they can be prepared for any security issues; similar to looking both ways before crossing the street to catch that rare Pokemon.

Lesson 3: Find Creative Ways to Reach for New Goals

Companies are always looking for the next big idea as a way to get ahead of the competition. Both Niantic, the Pokemon company, and Nintendo struck gold with Pokemon Go and a recent major stock boost is the proof. Every new product idea that your business pursues should help your business reach its projected goals.

Now it is hard to know what Nintendo’s expectations were for Pokemon Go or if they have been met yet, but every company would be thrilled to get this kind of worldwide exposure. Take a moment to think about new goals you want to achieve and the creative ways you can achieve them. Think of how you can position your new product in a way that it appeals to the largest group of potential customers as possible. Whether you sell goods that the average person can use or a service for a company, if you plan well your new product should satisfy the customer.
Whether you’ve already caught a few Pokemon or achieved some of your business goals, take a moment to think about how you can take a big leap forward in both the virtual and the real world.

Article by Ryan Mitchell, Social Media Coordinator at Billtrust

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