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Disruption and Innovation Comes From Education

Every single day your organization is engaged in a competition. You’re trying to keep your team, your department, and your business ahead of the industry. It’s a fight that your competitors are fighting too, each and every day.

So who will come out victorious?

The winner is the organization that incorporates disruptive technology and innovative solutions to automate important business processes, every single time. If you stick with the status quo, and avoid new automated solutions because “this is how we’ve always done it,” then you may as well pack up your bags and go home. The only way you can beat the competition is to do more, do it better, do it faster, and do it for a lower cost. How, you might ask? The answer is to automate your business using fintech solutions and automation.

Person holding tablet pointing pen at keyboard reading Disruption and Innovation

Fintech is a business buzzword that has been around for a while, and everyone thinks they know what it means, but there’s a level of depth that can help your business succeed. Fintech is short for “financial technology” but it actually refers to innovative solutions that shake up the finance and technology world. There have been disruptive fintech inventions throughout history, including the development and use of double entry bookkeeping, the printing press, the telegraph, and the transatlantic cable. All of these revolutionized the way business was done at that time. Organizations that refused to adapt to the new technology went out of business.

You don’t need to be a fintech expert.

In order to make the right decisions for your business, you simply need to identify where your greatest challenges are, and learn about solutions which can resolve them. Once you take a deep dive inside your organization, you’ll find the pain points holding your business back. Whether it’s  areas of manual processes, limited resources, unhappy customers, or steps that slow down your cash flow, take that list of pain points and begin to educate yourself about ways to fix them using automated, disruptive fintech solutions. Research the technology options, read articles, speak to peers, and  you can begin to fix them.

Get the education you need.

Then get ready to take a carefully researched leap and get the technology solutions that will help you move forward. You’re already an expert in your own business and industry. You know what solutions will fit your industry, your organization, and your customers. But you’re going to need to see demos of solutions at some point. Here’s where you need to trust yourself. There’s no need to blindly follow a pushy salesperson who’s only out to make a sale – that person doesn’t know your company or your needs. Choose to work with the salesperson who is trustworthy, who listens to you, and who wants to partner with you to make your company grow.

There are a few great resources to help you jumpstart your education. First, download the eBook, Fintech Explained: How Disruptive Innovation Will Help Your Business to get a concise but in-depth understanding of fintech for your business. Next, join us on May 24th at 3pm for a Twitterview on Disruptive Fintech Explained: Why, How & When to Buy for your Business. You can follow the conversation using the hashtag #DisruptiveFintech. Finally, as you figure out your business needs, try to look at a problem from a new perspective. Fear is going to hold you back as your competitors move ahead. When you’re armed with facts and information, you can defeat any enemy.

Written by Adina Rubin, Technology Writer @Adinalex

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