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Does Corporate Culture Really Matter?

In the immortal words of Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

Billtrust has a reputation for having an outstandingly positive, hard-working, collaborative, fun, and authentic corporate culture. When I joined Billtrust 8 months ago, I knew what I was getting into. After all, I read the slogans on the walls and on social media, so therefore it must be true, right? But my experience has taught me that is not often the case. I don’t think companies deliberately distort their corporate culture, but I do think that there can be a disconnect between intentions and reality. Organizations often set unrealistic goals and don’t understand how difficult it is to drive and sustain a culture that motivates people to do their best.

Sign hanging up saying Its all about our people

I’ve had the privilege of working at both small, early-stage start-ups and enormous, well-known tech brands. I’ve watched many business across the spectrum struggle to create a culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and a real work/life balance. Clearly, every company’s culture starts at the top – leadership must align around the importance of the mission. Each and every corporate decision must align with the culture and values of the organization. Living up to the defined culture you seek to create is as important as making your numbers, and the impact can be just as profound.

The next time you find yourself in the job market, need a solution vendor, or are looking for a company to partner with, check out their culture. You may ask yourself, does culture really matter? My answer is “Yes, but only if it’s authentic. Luckily, at Billtrust it is.”

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Article by Susan McKenna, Chief Marketing Officer at Billtrust

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