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Earth Day 2012: Mobilize the Earth- Go Paperless!

On April 22nd people all over the world celebrated Earth Day. In fact, over one billion people in 192 countries took part in this annual event which began 42 years ago. 

The goal of Earth Day is to raise global awareness to actions we as individuals can take to protect the environment. To support Earth Day we conducted a “Paperless Billing” webinar where we educated billers on best practices they can take to drive eBilling adoption (both how the bill is sent and how they get paid). We conducted two different versions of the webinar to address the unique situations faced by consumer billers (B2C) versus business billers (B2B).   

The USPS celebrated Earth Day by offering stamps that highlight environmentally friendly actions we can take to save the planet such as shutting off the lights, hang drying laundry, and controlling the thermostat. Ironically, they fail to suggest the option of not using a stamp/envelope/paper at all.  According to the Pay It Green Foundation, if 20% of households would start using online billing it would save approximately 1.7 million trees.

For years, our company has devoted significant resources towards helping our customers migrate to eBilling. By eliminating the paper bills and paper checks from the process we are creating a win-win-win. The biller wins through reduced costs and improved cash flow, the bill recipient wins by eliminating clutter and simplifying their lives, and the environment wins as we can all “breath” a little easier.  

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