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Eat Your Own [Implementation] Pudding

All of us have likely experienced projects where new systems were being installed that took longer than anticipated and often required more resources than budgeted. Business service providers often sell against the pre-existing bias people have towards implementing new systems based on their past “go-live” experiences. 

As businesses of all sizes turn to cloud based services it is important for providers to offer well defined, easy to execute implementation processes. The good news is most SaaS based solutions offer an easier implementation experience. A few weeks ago, we had a few members of the Shared Services team at Hologic Inc., one of our customers, provide their real world experience as our service was implemented within their organization.  

We often run education sessions where businesses can hear directly from our customers on a particular topic of interest. What was striking about this session was the large number of prospects that attended. This is indicative of the importance businesses place on gaining an accurate understanding of what is involved in transitioning to an outsourced service. 

If you would like to view a recording or have any feedback feel free to email me at [email protected].

To support our processes within Sales, Marketing, Accounting and Customer Support we have implemented a range of SaaS services over the past few years. There is nothing like going through a third party implementation ourselves to keep us on our toes with our own customers.

While we already have a strong implementation playbook based on the 800+ customers who have gone live on our services, we always come up with new ideas when we are the ones on the other side. I suggest all organizations “eat their own pudding” where possible to get a deep understanding of how to meet the needs of their customers.  

Mitch Rose, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Corporate Segment at Billtrust

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