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Employee Spotlight: Jake Colman

If you come to Billtrust in either spring or autumn, you might hear a motorcycle pulling up to the building. Chances are that could be Billtrust’s VP, Development, Jake Colman. We sat down with Jake to learn a little bit more about him.

An employee of the month spotlight image showing Jake driving a firetruck

Favorite Vacation Destination: My favorite vacation destination is, without a doubt, Israel. My wife and I have visited Israel at least 20 times since my first visit in 1978 for my gap year after high school. Three of our children, and three (soon to be four!) of our grandchildren are living in Israel giving us all the more reason to visit regularly. As an Orthodox Jew, Israel has a special place in my heart and I can’t wait for my next visit.

Favorite Food: Steak! I’m a real carnivore. I love a good steak. Give it to me medium rare and I’m in heaven!

Favorite Part of my Job: The favorite part of my job is helping my teams achieve success. My role is to be a servant leader. I give the teams the tools they need to be successful, support them with anything they need and then get out of their way. If I do this for them properly, greatness can be achieved. My biggest joy is watching that greatness happen and giving them all the credit that they deserve.

As a child, what did I want my adult profession to be: As a child, I always wanted to be a doctor. It took a fair amount of introspection, while doing advanced Jewish studies in my gap year before starting college, to realize that it was my parents that wanted me to be a doctor but that I really did not. I always valued logical thinking and processes so I decided to go for a degree in Computer Science instead.

Something Interesting: While most people in the NJ office know that I drive a motorcycle work to work on any nice day between spring and autumn, most people don’t know that I am also an active volunteer firefighter. I became a firefighter at the relatively late age of 40 which my wife insists was a mid-life crisis. Even if she is correct, firefighting was probably a better choice than the other options!

I think that my proudest moment as a firefighter was volunteering to fight fires in Israel during the war in Lebanon in 2007. I spent 11 days volunteering as a Jerusalem Municipal Firefighter to help supplement their crews given the number of reservists who were fighting in the war.

Thank you to Jake for allowing us a few extra minutes to get to know him.

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