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Employee Spotlight: Kristin Cardinali

When it comes to closing an important sales deal, winning Billtrust awards, and hitting the open road for a family bike ride, Kristin Cardinali is a pro. Being competitive is a part of who Kristin is and helps her to succeed both at Billtrust and as a mom. We sat down with Kristin to learn more about what drives her and what makes her happy.

Billtrust Employee Spotlight Kristin

Your favorite food? Mexican. I have never met a taco I didn’t like!

Who is one of your heroes? My parents. They sacrificed to ensure my sister and me would have everything possible for the best start in life. Mom took a job nearby with flexible hours so she could attend every sporting game, concert, and ceremony. They expected nothing less than a 4.0 and total involvement in my community. It was rigorous at the time, but it’s because of that environment that I’ve come to expect a lot from myself and those around me.

From a business perspective, Sheryl Sandberg really changed the way I looked at the working world. Lean In provoked so many conversations with both my female and male colleagues. Her book taught me to ask for help, made me feel proud to own my success, and encouraged me to raise my hand for opportunities I may have shied away from before reading.

What is your favorite part of your job? I love working with customers to solve real business problems, save companies money, and provide more job satisfaction for billing & cash application teams.

As a child, what did you want your adult profession to be? I wanted to be a marine biologist, which couldn’t be further from anything I’ve pursued professionally!

What is something “weird or interesting” about you that everyone at the office might not know? I was Teen Magazine’s “Athlete of the Year” in 1999. I competed with over 5,000 high school women for a “finalist spot” and was one of 25 women to earn a three-day trip to Disney World.  We spent days touring the park and meeting with famous athletes. At the end of the trip, I was announced as the winner! I received a $5,000 scholarship and a two-page spread in a summer issue. I was honored to be selected as a finalist, let alone win.

We thank Kristin for taking a few minutes away from making sales calls to talk to us for her employee spotlight! You can also follow Kristin on Twitter @klcardinali

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