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Employee Spotlight: Pat Swisher

We asked Pat Swisher, who recently joined the Billtrust team as the Field Marketing Coordinator, a few questions and he shared with us his lifelong hobby and how he feels it has guided his professional life.

Question: Can you describe a little about your position as the Field Marketing Coordinator?

Sure thing! So my role is centered around the logistical side of field marketing events. This means that, as well as attending some events, I am helping in brokering and executing tradeshows for Billtrust. Also, once the tradeshow is complete, I am in charge of lead import/updates and keeping our Sales teams up-to-date on performance and upcoming activities.

Employee Spotlight: Pat Swisher

Question: Do you have a hobby or an interest that follows you throughout your day-to-day life? Perhaps something that you’ve done for years and has become a part of who you are?

“I’ve loved fishing ever since I was young, thanks to my father. He always told me that you can learn valuable lessons from it, including patience, preparation, and the importance of relaxation. I try to apply these teachings each day and since starting my new role at Billtrust, these lessons have become even more important. As the Field Marketing Coordinator, I’ve had to be patient as I learn and absorb everything about working at a new company and within this role. I’ve also started attending field marketing events and I’ve felt an incredible thrill at getting out to speak with folks one-on-one. Yet, to truly perform at my best I continue to stay relaxed and trust in my preparation leading up to these occasions. I also love to travel. Fishing has also given me the ability to travel and my favorite spot has to be the beaches of the Outer Banks, NC. So far, Billtrust has also given that ability to travel in order to help provide solutions for organizations which need them.” Clearly fishing has become a part of who Pat is and helps him with his professional success. See what Pat had to say, when asked a few additional questions to better get to know him.

Question: Who is one of your heroes?

Definitely my dad. He is the smartest man I know and has been my role model since I was really young.

Question: What made you want to get into Field Marketing?

I am fascinated with human interaction and reaction to various media; hence my degree in Communication. With the field marketing role, I get to experience human interaction and view first-hand how someone interacts with our marketing material.

Question: As a child, what did you want your adult profession to be?

I actually wanted to work in TV production. More specifically I wanted to be a television editor and work on cutting game film for sporting events.

Question: What is something “weird or interesting” about you that everyone at the office might not know?

I am the proud father of two pet turtles that I have had for about 3 years now and actually in total we have four turtles in my house; two of which are my mom’s.

Want to stay up-to-date with all the events Pat is working on? Follow him on Twitter @BilltrustPat

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