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Employee Spotlight: Tiffany Modeste

How would Billtrust run without Tiffany? Tiffany is integral to keeping Billtrust running smoothly every day. Tiffany started with Billtrust 5 years ago, as our Receptionist, and now has moved into an Administration Assistant role. She is the office “go-to” and will always help solve your problem with a smile on her face. Now we all get to learn a little more about her in this employee spotlight.

Question: What is your favorite food?

I adore anything Spanish from tacos, paella, rice and beans, etc.

Question: Who is one of your heroes?

My mom of course! She came to this country from Panama as a teenager and made a life for herself and her family. Her strong work ethic, commitment to family and unwavering love has helped shape me into the woman/person I am today. She is my “SHERO”!

Employee Spotlight: Tiffany Modeste

Question: What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is getting someone to smile. In our environment, the days can get very intense so if there is anything I can do to help alleviate some of that pressure, it makes my heart happy.

Question: As a child, what did you want your adult profession to be?

I wanted to be a dancer. I remember performing at our end of the year recitals and receiving applause and flowers, that made me feel special and I was actually pretty good.

Question: We’d love to learn something interesting about you that others may not know.

If you see me, you probably already know this but I am a chameleon in the sense that I change my hair styles like people change their shoes. One day my hair is short and dark but the next day I can have long auburn spring curls or something short and blonde. Then I do braids for a few weeks just to calm things down. You never know what I will look like and I love surprising everyone!

Follow Tiffany at her Billtrust Twitter: @BilltrustTiff

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