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Employee Spotlight – Tim Corbett

When your computer locks up, the dreaded blue screen of death appears, or you simply can’t send an email…who do you call? If you work at Billtrust, you’re going to reach out to Tim Corbett, one of our IT gurus. Let’s learn more about Tim and how he takes flight with a personal hobby, and why he developed a passion for technology.

Billtrust Employee Spotlight Tim Corbett
  1. What is your favorite food?
    A: Apple Pie
  2. Tell us about one of your heroes.
    A: I really respect Adam Colton, one of the creators of loaded longboards (a type of skateboard for those who don’t know what that is). Adam’s style, attention to the user experience, need for travel, and love for the community has inspired me for a long time.
  3. What is your favorite part of the work you do here at Billtrust?
    A: Besides the ever-changing environment, I love making people happy. Making my co-workers smile, or breathe a sigh of relief as their computer comes back to life, really makes a difference, and it makes me love what I do.
  4. As a child, what did you want your adult profession to be?
    A: I wanted to be a photographer.
  5. What is something interesting about you that everyone at the office might not know?
    A: While I love flying race drones, I am actually terribly afraid of being in an airplane.

We’re grateful to Tim for taking a few moments out of his busy day to let us know a little more about him. Whether it is taking to the sky with his hobby of racing quadcopters, or just making sure the occasional tech issues doesn’t derail our project, Tim is always up to the challenge.

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