Customers are king: How prioritizing customer needs drives business success

Blog | June 1, 2023

Reading time: 3 min
How Billtrust makes customers recession-ready

“Our mindset is to be there for our customers. That’s what drives our behavior.”

Steve Lindeman, Billtrust Chief Customer Officer, 2015–2023

The Billtrust Customer Value team has made it a mission to better understand the business environment by encouraging open, one-on-one communication with customers. Reps don’t just work to solve problems; they strive to understand each customer’s accounts receivable processes and priorities in order to develop innovative, new customer-specific and industry-wide automated solutions.

By carefully nurturing these relationships, Billtrust earns valuable intel into where (and how) leaders are driving business. It’s a partnership that helps customers confidently ride today’s economic roller coaster.

“We have a team that’s dedicated to our customers, and the whole purpose is to make sure they are utilizing our tools in the best way for their organization. It’s all about helping them get the full value of our features,” says Steve Lindeman, former Billtrust Chief Customer Officer.

“It’s not always about selling them something else. It can be about a feature that they may already have and don’t use. So, we go in and review any business changes to help streamline their process.”

This business model continues to help deliver effective value while ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“The reality is, if customers are getting the value they were promised and we’re coming in and showing them how they can continue to get even more value, our businesses will continue to expand together,” Lindeman says.

Over the years, Billtrust has also accommodated customers with a wealth of new capabilities. All order-to-cash solutions are regularly realigned by implementing direct customer feedback to meet changing needs.

“Your reputation is worth an enormous amount,” the CCO says. “When you get one of those customers who truly sees the value of a solution, all of a sudden, all of your customers want to adopt that feature, too.

“Many times, we’ve found ourselves in situations where we needed to change, and we were able to respond successfully. The key is the trust we’ve built with our customers.”